Excel Tutorial 9 of 15 – How to Filter Data

Excel Tutorial 9 of 15 - How to Filter Data

How to filter in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel Tutorial 9 of 15 Filtering in Microsoft Excel can be used to sift through data and only display data in a s…

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4 responses to “Excel Tutorial 9 of 15 – How to Filter Data”

  1. MrLulong01 says:

    Very good tutorials 🙂 easy to learn and understand.

  2. lastnn30 says:

    well done. u made it very simple and easy to follow. great job. thanks

  3. Arbhall McDougall says:

    Your videos are easy to find, but you should organize your videos better.
    Going from the first to last is not easy. I do appreciate your tutorials,
    which are very good. Thank you sir.

  4. akshat bhargava says:

    great work…..keep it up

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