iMovie Tutorial – Advanced Tools/ Features

iMovie Tutorial - Advanced Tools/ Features

Discovering the Hidden and Advanced tools of iMovie. Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!
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14 responses to “iMovie Tutorial – Advanced Tools/ Features”

  1. Nikita Yasko says:

    Did u have too much vodka today?

  2. CyrusVirus7 says:

    yes the intro!

  3. CyrusVirus7 says:

    sooooo how can i ask him or something……?

  4. Volco says:

    yes the intro

  5. TechMastary says:

    You should adjust your pitch of your voice too 😉

  6. coolpop18 says:

    I did adjust it too, and will u stop disliking everyone’s vid?

  7. TechMastary says:

    Which? The intro?

  8. coolpop18 says:

    Nice, but you sound a little bit weird, try to adjust your pitch in

  9. TechMastary says:

    wow really I didn’t dislike anyone’s vid.

  10. coolpop18 says:

    ok sure, i trust u

  11. TechMastary says:

    @thebananadudes helped me to make the intro.

  12. CyrusVirus7 says:

    soooo how can i ask him…..

  13. icecool118 says:

    Harsh O_e

  14. CyrusVirus7 says:

    how do you get that sound effect?

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