Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 2: Tools (Training Tutorial)

Learn Lightroom 5 - Part 2: Tools (Training Tutorial)

This is the second video in the “Learn Lightroom 5 Training Tutorial” series brought to you by: http://AnthonyMorganti.com In this video we go over the tools…

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21 responses to “Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 2: Tools (Training Tutorial)”

  1. Anthony Morganti says:

    Thank you for watching +sohail fartaj !

  2. Anthony Morganti says:

    Thank you Renee Aubuchon. Very much appreciated!

  3. Sue Block says:

    Very helpful thank you

  4. Kevin Derrick says:

    I just bought lightroom today and these are great , thanks

  5. Ahmed Khalil says:

    Anthony, you have no idea how helpful your vids are! I have been shooting
    with my D7000 for almost 2 years and I have over 15K of non edited photos
    in RAW format. After watching a few of your videos I went back into my
    archive and picked the most random non artistic pic and edited it in LR. it
    turned into a masterpiece compared to my most artistic shot. Thank you so

  6. David j Archibald says:

    Thanks for the great vidios on lightroom5

  7. marcbodea says:

    It would be awesome if you provided download links for before/after
    editing. Awesome tutorials btw

  8. Mike Kovacs says:

    Hey Anthony, just picked up LR5 for a steal earlier this week. I’m moving
    from PSE, and just in watching your first two videos I’m very excited to
    get started. The workflow and interface of LR5 are more appealing to me,
    and since I shoot RAW it seems I’ll have greater control with LR. You’re
    videos have reduced the intimidation factor, so thank you. Looking forward
    to watching them all as I progress. Happy Holidays!

  9. Russell Aaron says:

    I love all your videos! I just picked up Lightroom, and even though I have
    intermediate experience with Photoshop, I found the whole experience
    overwhelming. Next step, shooting in RAW! Thanks for all the info, Anthony!

  10. sohail fartaj says:

    sorry i mean great work

  11. Renee Aubuchon says:

    I just subscribed to Creative Cloud and these videos are very helpful.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Michael Nget says:

    awesome stuff

  13. Bob Perry says:

    Can you change the color of the grid lines so that you can see them better?

  14. Steve Kunder says:

    Just found your video tutorials, must say that I find them extremely well
    done and easy to understand and listen to. Being in my late fifty’s I find
    many sites a bit too techy. This is just what I needed. Thanks

  15. isaiah30v8 says:

    I prefer to use the mouse wheel to change the size of the brush.

  16. Celso Gattaz says:

    Master Class! Thank you so very much, man!!!
    Cheers from Brazil

  17. Anthony Morganti says:

    You’re welcome Lance and thank you for watching!

  18. Lance Parker says:

    thank you for sharing

  19. Anthony Morganti says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate you watching and your support!

  20. Abu Hanif Chowdhury says:

    you are one of my great teacher in online ….. .. .. Great stuff

  21. Brian Michael says:

    Not watching… Studying LOL I have such lil experience with Adobe LR that
    I have watched some of the vids a couple times each

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