Adobe Illustrator Tutorial-Professional Business Card Design

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial-Professional Business Card Design In this video tutori…

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24 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial-Professional Business Card Design”

  1. Stephen Looney says:

    You are welcome

  2. Mozammal Hossain says:


  3. PeppaFreeman says:

    Hi, have you created a video for “Thank You” card design? It would be
    helpful and yea also promotional postcards to introduce a business or say
    generalize appreciation for consideration.

  4. fallenwish2010 says:

    @GraphicDesignerTips To Start A Freelance Business Do U Need A State
    Business Licence???

  5. Stephen Looney says:

    Understanding the designing thought process is more important than the
    actual technical skill of putting it together in Adobe…….and the
    correct way of SNORING would be ZZzzZzZZZZZzZzzzzzzzZzzZZZzzzz!! Just for
    you, I’ll rename this video “Adobe Illustrator Power Napping” 🙂

  6. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you 😀

  7. Stephen Looney says:

    Shoot me an email so I have your contact information

  8. niconico00 says:

    This was very interesting! What’s the bleed area for?

  9. fallenwish2010 says:

    Can I get the buisness cards and flyers print from using illustator or do i
    HAVE to used Indesign? PLEASE HELP

  10. Stephen Looney says:

    Times New Roman! Thank you for checking us out!

  11. max burn says:

    when I click on the template, it opens it in adobe reader. Then I try to
    download it and reader gives me a : Acces denied, and I can’t download
    it… help?

  12. Carmelo Tizzone says:

    Nice tut Stephen 🙂 keep it up

  13. DreaGrogan says:

    What font was “Company” typed in? -Drea G.

  14. Stephen Looney says:

    Well D Layouts, thank you for the info. I’ll check it out!

  15. Sorbon87TJK says:

    Nice work Stephen. I am trying to design my own business card. what do you
    suggest for glass and aluminum company? what type of logo? thanks!

  16. Stephen Looney says:

    @dewittford1 Thanks bud…..Happy you liked it and hope it helped you a
    bit. Subscribe please…Thanks 🙂

  17. Stephen Looney says:

    You are welcome…Thanks for the input! Subscribe.

  18. Stephen Looney says:

    @fallenwish2010 Have you made any progress in setting yourself up in
    business? ……When you create a portfolio, send it to us and we’ll add it
    on our website….Best of luck!!

  19. nakakapow says:

    Damn.. too much blahblah..

  20. Stephen Looney says:

    @fallenwish2010 I am confused as to what you are asking. You can prepare
    files for printing in either program. Please be more specific as to what
    you need done.

  21. fallenwish2010 says:

    @GraphicDesignerTips Louisana and I want to do stuff like logos, flyers ,
    posters, and stationary all freelance

  22. Stephen Looney says:

    You need to save the file to your computer then open it in Adobe
    Illustrator. I just tried it on 2 computers and it’s working fine. It is a
    PDF file and your default PDF reader is Adobe Reader. When you click on the
    file, it will first ask you to open it or save it… it! Then drag
    the PDF into Illustrator. Let me know if this helps…..Thanks for tuning

  23. Stephen Looney says:

    Absolutely…..I’ll visit your blog and comment to help out your SEO on
    it!! Please reply with your url!

  24. Stephen Looney says:

    @fallenwish2010 You need to set yourself up as a DBA (Doing Business As) to
    start with. I don’t know where you are from but I know you need a business
    certificate and possibly a tax ID number depending on what
    services/products you are offering. My suggestion would be to speak to an
    accountant near where you live. Where are you from btw?? Thanks for tuning

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