iMovie 09 Tutorials – Adding and Removing audio

iMovie 09 Tutorials - Adding and Removing audio

iMovie Tutorials – Adding and Removing audio This tutorial explains how to add and remove audio from clips and the entire video Please Subscribe.
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23 responses to “iMovie 09 Tutorials – Adding and Removing audio”

  1. sw33tbay says:

    After I updated software, it doesn’t work like that anymore.. I have one
    problem, I started with my video with some pictures. the music at the
    beginning(at the pictures part) was on. When the video start, the music is
    gone. I guess the video clip mute all of the song track. 

  2. ali mohameed says:

    love it

  3. Game freakz says:

    how do you change the length of the audio?

  4. o0oCubWatsono0o says:

    You are the best! Thanks man! :)

  5. CopperKnutz says:

    Thank you.

  6. tucan6570 says:

    ooooooh my gaaaawd you so goooooood dawg mand a’

  7. veganpea says:

    @CrashSlashBurn thats right, thanks, i forgot to write back 🙂

  8. wondermelon says:

    thanks for posting this (over three years ago). It helped me out!

  9. Anson Yip says:

    SUCK!!! What it you want some of the audio but not the noise (you still
    want a dialogue for example)

  10. Los Sambrero says:

    Thank you so much man!!

  11. Constellation911 says:

    thx dude

  12. mrBluethehappy says:

    @imovieman100 Let me know if you ever figure it out. I need to do the same

  13. Cardcollector609 says:

    @veganpea i am wondering the same thing please msg me if u find the way how

  14. Brett L says:

    Any ideas if no matter what I do the detach audio option is always greyed
    out? I fucking hate this program

  15. mitch coxie says:

    that helps me alot thanks

  16. Susan Alden says:

    Hey, this is great. Saved me a lot of time, and you were spot on with your
    instructions. Thanks.

  17. DaviChoDavid says:

    This was very well put together! Thank you. With this i was able to upload
    my latest video!

  18. topnotchdrummers says:

    you are boss,, thanks

  19. iGhilie says:

    Helped alot thanks

  20. Ray Ang SST says:

    At last… a true web master. Wait, those words seem redundant for some

  21. robinrinsmith says:

    fixed. so never mind

  22. Kent Zotter says:

    Excellent. The perfect answer to my question…Thanks!

  23. TheGhostsSoul says:

    How exactly would I remove my video rather than the audio? I’m making a
    documentary, and I want to remove myself and add in pictures, while keeping
    the audio

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