RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 4-A (making spark trails)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 4-A (making spark trails)

How to make a trail of sparks from a shell, rocket, or exploding stars. Part 1 of 2.

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7 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 4-A (making spark trails)”

  1. Dragonicafan says:

    you probably got the normal rct3 without sokaed and wild. right???? if so,
    place a mortar somwhere and make your wirework, that morta will i think,
    shoot out your rocket!

  2. Mads Nielsen says:

    Your tutorials are freakin’ amazing! You helped me alot!

  3. Christopher Cisneros says:

    Thank you soo much

  4. Evanhardlife says:

    well thanks buddy for the tutorial!! still hard to undestand how to make
    them well ive learned alot.

  5. MakkeSk8 says:

    i have no preview window? can u make a tutorial to fix it?

  6. numbahlala says:

    if you heard of Ilyx5 i think thats there name every one of there fireworks
    has sparks comeing out of the mortar and the rocket. do you no how to do

  7. Angelo Gabriel Solis says:

    you talk alot

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