Working With Textures – Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Working With Textures - Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Ah textures. Sometimes I just like to go rub my face in them… usually after I’ve had some “candy” at a “candy party”. If you get why those are in quotes……
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23 responses to “Working With Textures – Adobe After Effects Tutorial”

  1. Dave Hall says:

    explained it just fine, thanks! your tutorials are pretty dang excellent

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Bravo! You sir, are the Zefrank of After Effects tutorials. I find you both
    extremely informative and entertaining. Thanks to you and your videos, I
    can now make textured characters and words move about on computer and TV
    screens in unusual ways. These are things that would have been difficult to
    comprehend 100 years ago.

  3. spaceman alpha says:

    great tuts I learn lots from you, but do you think you could slow it down a
    bit,? I’m old and slow and it gets hard to keep up with you young-ins’ lol

  4. TiagoWazzup says:

    good tip on parenting the textures. I usually pre-compose

  5. TiagoWazzup says:

    “bam you´re done”

  6. Evil Harb says:

    Quick (and excuse if it’s already been answered) question for you…at the
    start of the video (right after you say “ah…textures…”) the screen
    quickly changes (with a nice blur effect) to show various words – have you
    done a tutorial about this effect already, or maybe even explain this
    effect in another video? I’ve only just noticed it today and would love to
    use something like this for future video entries I’m learning to create.

  7. MegaPixelPerfect says:

    What is this font?

  8. Tha Halcyon X says:

    Gonna use this to make a moving circle that movies to music that looks like
    paint! for some visuals to my music. :3 thanks!

  9. ECAbrams says:

    Oh, if it’s the part at the end don’t worry it’s not important. Just play
    with the layer styles and something will happen. Try the bevel that.

  10. ECAbrams says:

    It’s no bother. Youtube prevents the sharing of links in comments. It’s a
    measure to prevent spam but it does also prevents us from easily sharing
    links. Send me a message on here with video?

  11. Chris Breitigan says:

    It’s not seeming to work right for me. The part where you do that goes to
    fast to catch it all

  12. ECAbrams says:

    well there was a time when I was but a student and now the student has
    become the… not the student?

  13. Thomas Burns says:

    Fantastic tutorials. Articulate, organized, and you speak to the point. One
    amateur question: when I import your textures they are only a few frames
    long. How can I lengthen them?

  14. Keith Carpenter says:

    The ‘candy party’ sounds fun!!! Hahahaha! You rock. Keep up the great

  15. Adam Janouschek says:

    hey man i was just wondering how you did the text transition at the start?

  16. ECAbrams says:

    Well I can’t please all the people all the time I suppose.

  17. ECAbrams says:

    I surely am not. But I have been rejected for partnership about 3 times. I
    think my 4th rejection is pending even now 🙂

  18. NgTeamElk says:

    really good!

  19. ECAbrams says:

    Yeah it’s the Bebas. Unless you mean another font in another part of the
    video, then it’s something else.

  20. Frank Devine says:

    I randomly came across your tutorial and your really good at explaining
    things without the experience being similar to licking sand paper.
    Surprised there is more people out there like Andrew Kramer

  21. RallohE says:

    Sire … you never disappoint! Love the info … love the style of
    presentation. Thanks for helping me learn more ways to play around After
    Effects … and get a few chuckles!

  22. Korey Connolly says:

    you are a nut my man!! love the good stuff you are sharing.

  23. ECAbrams says:

    In today’s episode Evan Abrams teaches after effects and horrible life
    lessons. I’m what some people call a “bad influence” I suppose.

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