Excel 2010 Tutorial: Creating a Basic Worksheet

Excel 2010 Tutorial: Creating a Basic Worksheet

Webucator is rolling out our instructor-led online Excel 2010 courses and this tutorial was created as part of the course development process. The Introducti…

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17 responses to “Excel 2010 Tutorial: Creating a Basic Worksheet”

  1. wesley smith says:

    good job

  2. TheMikeypsycho says:

    really great introduction

  3. shudukahn555 says:


  4. B Jenks says:

    thank you for taking the time

  5. physicaltspiritual says:

    Appreciate. Thanks.

  6. SocialMediaFan1 says:

    Very simple to understand video for beginner level and told in a calm
    soothing voice 🙂

  7. Mercy Stephanie Assan says:

    its very good peice for beginners and easy to understand

  8. Kyle Crasto says:

    Thank You very very much

  9. cheryll moana Ibarra says:

    thank you very much,its will help me for our exercise tomorrow…thankss

  10. Lynnea Shaw says:


  11. MrsZozo Mirchi says:

    Many thx .

  12. Matthasso says:

    @MetaIhead89 in some situation it wil be more confortable. for example when
    you in writing something and you want go back fast then with using arrow
    you would have to multiple click to go through whole word but with shift
    tab you will do this with just one click.

  13. Carlos Legarzia says:

    This is an advertisement. Don’t waste your time.

  14. J koh says:

    BRAVO! michael..! (99 in MATH) XD

  15. Cedric Y says:

    sweet you have a calming voice

  16. bhaskey7 says:

    Awesome. Thanks !!!!!

  17. office2012download says:

    Hahaha I have cracked office 2012 and this is not even required in the new
    ms excel 😛

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