AJAX Tutorial – 10 – Changing the Users HTML

AJAX Tutorial - 10 - Changing the Users HTML

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25 responses to “AJAX Tutorial – 10 – Changing the Users HTML”

  1. Coen Diepenbroek says:

    Wouldn’t it be a better idea to not constantly send requests to the server
    and just wait for user input? You could catch it with onkeyup or

  2. ninehoursful says:

    Bucky thanks for making such awesome tutorials. Your tutorials encouraged
    me learning Java and C++. Thanks Alot. You are our hero 🙂

  3. Taiven Rumph says:

    O.o that comment is old.. but you realize he never refreshed the page to
    update with his new code… which means it prob did work but he never
    turned it on. <.< Just Saying.

  4. isgrisen says:

    I took a look in my subscripions box and before i saw the thumbnail my
    first thought was that you had uploaded a tutorial on how to use ajax, the
    cleaning product XD

  5. thenewboston says:

    Sorry punk we dont sell no Spam!

  6. Arno van Kessel says:

    Why do you write “don’t” and “can’t” wrong on purpose?

  7. Leomel Valdez says:

    Bucky, can you post here the link in your forum where the source codes are?
    I have watched the tutorials but unfortunately when i tried to run it the
    dynamic text display doesn’t show. seems that there are missing codes in my
    script. Thanks for the tutorials!

  8. trinknix1234 says:

    is it not possible to use onChange() on the input-field to start the

  9. TheSMCast says:

    Awesome vid! would you ever do an action script tut?

  10. PhillowTV says:

    canned spam is the best

  11. moofymoo says:

    setTimeout(‘string to eval’, 1000); lol. functions are first class citizens
    in js.

  12. TheMrBongHD says:

    damn do you have directions to a local store that may sell some ?

  13. xXSellizeXx says:

    Ajax tutorials?!?!?! HOLY HELL YES

  14. SmithsRichard says:

    i didnt like it. its a copy of facebook. why you wanna see it> make
    something awesome instead.

  15. BrewerFR says:

    Nice Tut, this will come in handy for my AJAX assignment this year

  16. Andranik Tonoyan says:

    Same here 😀

  17. QiuQiu says:

    Hey bucky ,nice tut But why not recoding video in 1080p , or 720p atleast ?

  18. Pranav Sindura says:

    why not make a style tag in the head tag and do this #underInput{
    color:blue; } style head is it ok?

  19. iAliHD says:

    OOOOHHHHHHHH! Bucky went in.

  20. John Johnson says:

    I didn’t see this vid, since im gonna start from the beginning! But for you
    Bucky Roberts. Your the most awesome person i have seen on youtube (except
    for PewDiePie) Without you i would sit and game MW3 and so on all day! But
    you gave me a better future. to learn and do something special that i
    enjoy. I have for now been making website and a few pograms with the help
    of you! Just wonna say how much i apreciate it! Thanks you so much 🙂 And
    keep up the good work!

  21. Edgar de Lange says:

    Hi Bucky, do you have any tutorials how you have made that ‘copy of
    facebook’ site. I would like to see that!

  22. bırbır tırtır says:

    – at the first, i wanteded to thank you for this nice tutorial! – is there
    something im missing or you realy wanted to create a Reqursive Call on your
    Line 44 with this code: setTimeout(‘process()’, 1000); – or is it more
    efective way to change this line with this:
    setTimeout(‘handleServerResponse()’, 1000); – by this way, we dont repeat
    the all ‘process()’ function with the first request we just repeat the
    response part of the code. – it will lower the server access %50 at least.

  23. 4wad says:

    Can you do a video editing series?

  24. MineFutures says:

    You’re one of the few Youtubers I enjoy getting spammed with video’s by. 🙂

  25. SmithsRichard says:

    That’s cool bro.

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