Excel 2007 Tutorial 19: Drawing

Excel 2007 Tutorial 19: Drawing

Excel 2007 Tutorial 19: Drawing. Excel drawing and artwork with shapes, clipart and smartart.

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7 responses to “Excel 2007 Tutorial 19: Drawing”

  1. Rejaul Haque says:

    thanking you too much for making these windows excel

  2. Raidel007 says:

    Great video, thanks

  3. alfisyahrin ariyo says:

    do you know? how to make meshing?

  4. Maui N' Kona says:

    really cool! easy way to learn with this videos!

  5. Brian Perkins says:

    you are a good teacher

  6. colchaudhry says:

    good & great help in learning excel

  7. Lore St says:

    Amazing….you should be a teacher, thank you for your help….now I
    realize that Excel is not so hard of understanding when you have a good

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