How to build a WordPress widget | tutorial

How to build a WordPress widget | tutorial

This WordPress tutorial discusses how to create a new widget using the Widget API. Watch more at…
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5 responses to “How to build a WordPress widget | tutorial”

  1. jeyemwey says:

    It´s WordPress and us guys programming “regular” PHP will never

  2. Prakash Mishra says:


  3. Crystal McNair says:

    He’s using the New Lines (Enter/Return) the PHP tags are ‘creating’ by
    existing so that it outputs them in his HTML. It’s a bit useless for HTML,
    I agree, but it makes reading the source easier to read if you’re looking
    for errors. If he did it just as you suggested, it would be all Echo’d onto
    ONE line, instead of many. 🙂

  4. Roberto Inetti says:

    Why you close the PHP tag to open it again?, why you just don’t echo your

  5. Roberto Inetti says:

    Hi Crystal, he is using ternary operators so he is not really concerned
    about code readability.

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