C# Tutorial: Custom Controls

C# Tutorial: Custom Controls

This start-to-finish video shows how to add custom controls to your C# application. You can drag’n’drop your new controls onto your form in true WYSIWYG fash…

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16 responses to “C# Tutorial: Custom Controls”

  1. Amalik Baadi says:

    Everything else worked fine for me but the background color cant be changed
    in the control, how to change the background from the control setting?
    Thanks if you can asnwer

  2. Jamod Sanjay says:


  3. Adi says:

    Thanks for this video! But I have an issue. My problem is that I cannot
    have the Text property of the new UserControl just created. So my button
    has no Text. Or I can include a specific string inside the code. But then
    all the new created buttons will have the same text with no possibility to
    modify them :(. Please, advice! thanks in advance!

  4. MatthiWare says:

    very helpfull

  5. bahstrike says:

    I systemically avoid web development for its history of incompatible
    browsers and convoluted methods for performing otherwise basic operations.
    Web browsing is a GUI experience and yet developing a quality web GUI is a
    pain in the ass! Theoretically this should now be easy with HTML5 and the
    ‘canvas’ API, so I recommend starting there. If you want preexisting
    technology, your best bet for a C# based web app is procedurally generating
    JPGs and javascript. Thumbs up if you want this tutorial


    Very very good man. Just u sud put a video of little good quality.

  7. bahstrike says:

    @DaveDaveBdlZoo I use Camtasia now for video, and I bought a condenser
    mic… expect better videos soon

  8. David Comoriano says:

    thank you

  9. Noname6602 says:

    haha xD

  10. samacumen says:


  11. David Comoriano says:

    can you give me a code because I can’t see very well

  12. Ashish Jain says:

    Its best one for beginners who wants to learn develop custom controls. it
    is good for windows applications, but if i want to develop custom controls
    not user controls for web application than what is the method to develop
    for web application ? Please suggest good tutorial for learning web custom
    controls too…

  13. Koson Trachu says:

    Thanks for excellent details on make that things, but I have to follow you
    by guessing what’s character are on video . “{” look like “|” , however
    thanks again. 🙂

  14. bahstrike says:

    @puremaths729 of course!! just be aware that C# applications use .NET
    Framework, which is usually delivered via Windows Updates. i believe visual
    studio 2010 will select .NET Framework 4.0 by default, which a lot of
    computers might not have if they don’t install windows updates. in your
    project settings, you might want to set it to .NET 3.5 or even 2.0 for
    better-gauranteed compatibility.

  15. JetPackJan says:

    same for me ^^

  16. mleeneg says:

    Thanks it was very helpful for me. Never understood the summary thing but
    now I do. And thanks for the invalidate concept.

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