Dreamweaver CS5 / CS 5.5 tutorial: Creating a Horizonal Spry Menu Bar using CSS 3

Dreamweaver CS5 / CS 5.5 tutorial: Creating a Horizonal Spry Menu Bar using CSS 3

Dreamweaver cs5 / cs5.5 tutorial: Creating a Horizonal Spry Menu Bar using CSS 3.
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19 responses to “Dreamweaver CS5 / CS 5.5 tutorial: Creating a Horizonal Spry Menu Bar using CSS 3”

  1. Mustafa Kulle says:

    Wonderful tutorial. Learned a lot from it. Thank you.


    Thank you for your share… 

  3. Helen Geach says:

    Hi, please can you help me. I have followed your tutorial but my spy menu
    bar appears to have default settings which I am unable to override what it
    is currently to set. It looks different within dreamweaver to how it does
    on the browser. I’ve read that I may have to strip out all of my existing
    spry files and replace with new. Any ideas why? Your help would be much

  4. Christabel Linn says:

    Really clear and helpful tutorial, thank you

  5. Thomas Abell says:

    Is there a way to keep the menu from wrapping when the window is reduced in

  6. jnyboy1 says:

    nice video-perfect!

  7. NAHUALBAND says:

    thamks bro, i love this video, but i have a question, how do i get diferent

  8. blixxa1080 says:


  9. airtastesfunny says:

    @zorro30mum that did the trick! thanks for the advice and the quick reply

  10. Neil Hooper says:

    Followed your tutorial and everything laid out just as you described.

  11. Mohit Manuja says:

    born here , nurtured here , never left the shores of India , why do u ask
    David ?

  12. Aubrey Jones says:

    Great tutorial. But i have one question in my mind. What if i wanna use my
    own custom menu which i have created in Adobe Photoshop ? I mean how do we
    configure the custom images in the Spry Menu bar like whenever someone
    hover the menu and the submenu contains graphic and good fonts. It would be
    really nice if you please elaborate on this problem. Thanks

  13. Mohit Manuja says:

    no way !!! , i can understand what that means ? anyone wants to help me ? 5
    thumbs up or something I hope !!!!!

  14. Måns Mannerfelt says:

    hi! great tutorial! but i have a problem… the thing you do between 06:37
    and 06:57 i want the color to be black but i cant make it work ):

  15. ashiz777 says:

    how can we use gradient for vertical spry menu bar , which rules we have to
    delete plz explain this

  16. Bayron Lozano says:

    the man up is so gay

  17. solomonflik says:

    you sounds like indian thats why i asked

  18. Mohit Manuja says:

    do a control z to undo the changes, y do u regret , according to this vid
    ..it shows u how dey are superflous

  19. Gene K says:

    Great tutorial. I placed the menu bar within a table cell. I discovered the
    javascript had to be moved into the cell for the animation to work. Now all
    is well except, when my cursor hovers over any of the menu items or in the
    unoccupied area of the cell, the cell background color turns pink (the
    empty space next to the menu bar). I have extensively experimented with the
    css and I cannot find the culprit. Any suggestions?

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