Fireworks Tutorial for Macromedia flash

Fireworks Tutorial for Macromedia flash

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11 responses to “Fireworks Tutorial for Macromedia flash”

  1. edgpavl says:

    die in hell

  2. radeonjr1 says:

    @johnster1598 sorry I only know of macromedia

  3. johnster1598 says:

    I’ve been trying to do this on Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and it keeps on
    coming up with errors and doesn’t work Is there any way of telling us how
    to do it on this version of flash?

  4. Asanka Anuruddha says:

    scal = 50+Number(random(60)); for (n=8; n<50; n++) {
    duplicateMovieClip("particle", newName="particle", getNextHighestDepth());
    setProperty("particle", _rotation, random(360)); setProperty("particle",
    _alpha, random(30)+80); setProperty("particle", _xscale,
    50+Number(random(60))); setProperty("particle", _yscale,
    50+Number(random(60))); } Working Script XD

  5. frozenheartedflame says:

    …i tried this one, but there’s an error occurred.. actually 2 errors
    appeared, and this line too… setProperty(“particle” add n, _rotation,
    random(360)); what’s with this…?

  6. zile921 says:

    that is AWESOME video TYVM 😀 keep up the good work plz :D:D:D

  7. radeonjr1 says:

    for (n=8; n<50; n++) { duplicateMovieClip("particle", "particle" add n, n);
    setProperty("particle" add n, _rotation, random(360));
    setProperty("particle" add n, _alpha, random(30)+80);
    setProperty("particle" add n, _xscale, 50+Number(random(60)));
    setProperty("particle" add n, _yscale, 50+Number(random(60))); tellTarget
    ("particle" add n) { gotoAndPlay(random(5)); } }

  8. kazha69 says:

    Unreal tutorial 😀 i tried it on flash mx but couldnt do it 🙁 any

  9. vinceguy1 says:

    thats actually a really good video

  10. SpinitlikegarenHacks says:

    Where is the “Advanced” video xD

  11. tatater56 says:

    works awesome! really cool tut 🙂

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