Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial: Creating a Website – Part 2

Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial: Creating a Website  - Part 2

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17 responses to “Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial: Creating a Website – Part 2”

  1. Haider Dara says:

    the scroll bar lets you go left and right? you dont say? mind = blown

  2. tedfaun says:

    4.26 after i close the home page and look for recent items on the left of
    page, my recent file only reads as ‘index.html’ not springspark/index.html
    despite following everything you do. is that normal?

  3. Haider Dara says:

    das it mane

  4. Juraj Šmahovský says:

    Oh man… Somebody wants to learn how to create a webpge maby how to work
    with html and you teach us how to zoom in and zoom out… I hope you will
    do something normal in next episodes…

  5. jaffaribaba says:

    Your teaching style is very good, I really appreciate your time and work.

  6. Pamesh Dinuranga says:

    Too slow please keep it fast

  7. muhammad jihadul mustaqiim bin mahmud says:

    You talk too much irrelevant shit

  8. B Adams says:

    You are a very good instructor. Your instructions are very clear and
    concise. Thanks for the videos.

  9. Adrian Alara says:

    I wanna punch this man square in throat! Hurry up already!

  10. hlnl56 says:

    I actually feel like I’m learning and not the mouse running all over the
    place on my screen and people speaking so quickly I can’t keep up. Thank

  11. Christopher Vargas says:

    Nice :D

  12. Faisal Narsi says:

    I have a domain but i have not bought hosting yet. can i use dreamweaver
    and work on building the site first?


  13. lovelyyyyyy says:


  14. crissy b says:

    P.S. Please ignore those negative comments that others have posted about
    “being too slow”. Honestly, you are keeping at a good minimum teaching,
    detailing paste that some of us are very appreciated. So, please do keep at

  15. Kenneth Edusei says:

    This has been a GREAT help with creating a basic website within a few days.
    I appreciate the speed very much. Even if you do create an alternate
    version, this will be useful for those us who like to learn with details.
    Again, thank you!!

  16. hiaw asdf says:

    Realy great tutorial. Some extra info and history you gave is mostly very
    helpfull and usefull. Thanks!

  17. TheHaous says:

    its so boring man,dont explain so much,i will die:p

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