How to Create Vector Art Illustrations in Adobe Fireworks – Tutorial – Part 2 of 2

How to Create Vector Art Illustrations in Adobe Fireworks - Tutorial - Part 2 of 2 – How to Create Vector Illustrations in Adobe Fireworks Download Work File –…

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24 responses to “How to Create Vector Art Illustrations in Adobe Fireworks – Tutorial – Part 2 of 2”

  1. Thilo Kressdorf says:

    Click > Drag > Click 😉

  2. Someone Like you. says:

    Great video, I was totally lost, but you definitely made me see the light
    LOL I was kinda giggling in the “Click, Click Drag” part though XD

  3. Hedioucha says:

    That’s true, that’s what happened to me with photoshop, at the beginning
    everything seemed too much buttons for me, bur then… with practicing
    watching some videos on youube, I learned editing photos, creating …
    simple graphics :). Anyway, thanks alot for your video.

  4. benfowla says:


  5. sjsawyer says:

    Thanks man I followed along in illustrator. The only thing different was
    the transparent gradient effect which is a pain in the ass with illustrator
    cs3 but I got it done nonetheless!

  6. ohanungsaya says:

    Thank you! you’re better than my professor.

  7. CMVATutorials says:

    That’s a great way to teach the tools. Thanks for the video.

  8. Molly Deutmeyer says:

    Great video, Thanks so much for posting this!!! This one and Part 1 helped
    me out tremendously! You do an excellent job giving step-by-step

  9. Mike Locke says:

    Yup, you can pretty much learn anything with a little practice. Thanks for
    the feedback, much appreciate it.

  10. PakhtunRockHard says:

    You sir, are amazing. The way you patiently, carefully and flawlessly
    describe every part of the illustration process is incredible. Thanks a lot
    for taking out the time to do this for us, God bless.

  11. yeahnobodycares says:

    Thanks for this tutorial Michael, I decided to learn Fireworks since I’m
    very interested by web designing. I just wanted to know if is there any
    option to make the island reflection with a mask like in Illustrator or
    Photoshop? And thanks again for your inspirational videos. keep up the
    amazing work 🙂

  12. Stephen Gillett says:

    Great tutorial and easy to follow. Thanks. You make it seem so simple.

  13. Melissa Sims says:

    Thank You -your video was very clear and easy to follow!

  14. tomboley80 says:

    Thanks, learnt alot. Although I also found out I suck at the pen tool so I
    created the palm trees to look like their ones because I couldn’t do your
    way. :p

  15. YZY says:

    I’m still very confused how you draw with the vector tool. Do you have a
    tutorial for it?

  16. listigt says:

    I’m in fw cs5, it has ‘auto vector mask’ but it really doesn’t want to
    co-operate with me on that one. What to do?

  17. GeeZone777 says:

    aw man. i was waiting for those dolphins.

  18. anxieticrequires says:

    thank you so much … its very useful for me .. thank you thank you ..

  19. Mike Locke says:

    I learned all this on my own. It’s really easy 🙂 ..just takes a little
    practice. Once you know where the tools are and understand how to create
    basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, etc.), you can pretty much then do
    anything with it.

  20. Hedioucha says:

    Great work, so infromative and helpful… did you learn that by yourself or
    studied them??

  21. Mike Locke says:

    @sjsawyer Hey, that’s cool that you followed along in illustrator. I always
    tell people that the vector tools are very similar in fireworks and
    illustrator. Thanks for the feedback. 😉

  22. Mike Locke says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you found it useful.

  23. Snake In The Grass says:

    Very very very very very very GOOD tutorial dude 😉 THNX!!

  24. StevieMcCrystall says:

    Awesome tutorial. Thanks.

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