Cage-Face: Swapping Faces (Photoshop Tutorial)

Cage-Face: Swapping Faces (Photoshop Tutorial)

In tribute to one of my favourite Facebook Pages, ‘Nicholas Cage’s face on things’, I put together a guide on how to make one. (Backing music by Lindsey Stir…
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6 responses to “Cage-Face: Swapping Faces (Photoshop Tutorial)”

  1. Anita W says:

    I knew it was Lindsey Stirling.

  2. bhavjit purewal says:

    where’s the flow option in adobe elements 11

  3. TheOfficialLegsense says:

    Thanks bro!

  4. ItsWolfenstein says:

    Very good with describing steps as you go 😀

  5. corey will says:

    Where is the “flow” option for eraser on photoshop elements?

  6. TheJames208 says:

    Thanks man mine looked amazing

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