Photoshop Tutorial: Face shaping.

Photoshop Tutorial: Face shaping.

Another easty to use photoshop tutorial Face shifting.

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13 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Face shaping.”

  1. RAF7430 says:

    ahahahaha! lolololololage

  2. readthisifyouarefat says:

    I have photoshop cs4 =D …Hacks

  3. ze ven says:

    btw at 2.05 u said something about bending.. was that suposed to be a pun..
    cos in my opinion( wich can be wroung) bended is wrong its suposed to be
    “bent” “…to bend it the way u what it to be bended” is what i understood
    ” to bend it the way u want it bent” my surgestion plz correct me if i am

  4. NOD62 says:

    stick with layer masks, don’t erase.

  5. jaychins says:

    thanks so much for the tutorial!

  6. 13Kegor37 says:

    He says in the video that he uses photoshop cs 2.. listen to what he says
    perhaps? 😛 Hehe.

  7. That1guyUmightNO says:

    Dude… you move so slow and speak in monotone

  8. kitcatsheart says:

    I love your tutorials!!!

  9. catYii says:

    where can i download photo shop

  10. x0xthemadhatterx0x says:

    The eraser isn’t working properly for me…

  11. nateman742 says:

    Or you can get a key for it. l2internets

  12. justinbua says:


  13. GetYouWett says:

    why buy it? you can download it and use a key generator

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