XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 43 – Text Areas

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 43 - Text Areas

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24 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 43 – Text Areas”

  1. 46Bax says:

    This is the least watched video from all the videos on this XHTML & CSS
    So if you’re watching this, you are one of the elite that made it through,
    started at 227k, now only 44k. Geez you’re the 19% who made it through.
    Congrats everyone on your determination. I just finished them. :)

  2. Andro Nuhanovic says:

    html5 or javascript??????

  3. Ohm Negi says:

    Rows and columns are each letter

  4. TheSleawnis says:

    Dont want the text area to be re-sizable?
    Add this to your stylesheet:


  5. Flo Style says:

    You are the best BUCKY! <3 YOU! Thanks ery much.

  6. EPUVBsubscriber says:

    “So to make it bigger you need to add rows… What is this little thing?
    Ohhh… I didn’t even know about that…”
    And I thought he was a good teacher.

  7. Tony James Gilpin says:

    I used your damn pick-up line, and now my date thinks my name is Bucky!

  8. oDJOldskull says:

    Hahaah, overactive bladder….

  9. Buffboy1001 says:

    I bet his mother texted him

  10. Uwotm8? says:

    “Who the heck wants to type out columns, not the people who made this up.”

  11. atombot89 says:

    who was on the phone?

  12. KFallen97 says:

    Bucky is so sexually awkward….

  13. xXxDiukexXx says:

    I got Bucky’s blessing O=)

  14. jdog90000 says:

    hehe i guessed it 😀

  15. giggleskanza says:

    😛 yeaa well i figured it out

  16. Co De says:

    Javascript – JQuery – Ruby – AJAX – Project Lisa – PHP ? then you’re done

  17. Asli Fauji says:

    We love you Bucky! Your the best!

  18. Mistermaarten150 says:

    You can drag the yourube comment box around

  19. Kurt Johnson says:

    Hey, Bucky! I tried your pick up line last night at the club, and I got a
    drink in my face! I want my money back – oh, wait…

  20. Nuketard Maximus says:

    @CoolDutchProductions same here!

  21. Kalaminator says:

    Automatic captions, text areas=texas xDD

  22. Ogre Punch says:

    Can you tell me how I could set it to where when they submit something in
    the text box it is posted to a given area? Please help.

  23. LordStarBlue says:

    Thanks for the tutorial !

  24. traktor says:

    how do i fix the size of the textarea so that people cannot expand and
    shrink it?

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