Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Tutorial

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11 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Tutorial”

  1. Holly Wood says:

    I LOVE your videos. I follow along with them and its REALLY helped me! I
    really appreciate you making these tutorials. I have one question, what do
    you go through to start the creative process? Do you search through images,
    pick colors out, fonts? Sometimes I get designers block and would like some
    fresh ways to get creative! Thanks!

  2. Isaias Perez says:

    become a professor enough said.. do it now.. -.- people need you
    ….. you do it now you hear me? or i’m ganna use caps next time i see you.
    though free is good too 😛 …. nvm no professor cuzz then i’ll
    have to pay to see your tutorials.. 😐 shh i didn’t say anything.

  3. MrSoskiKrota says:

    thank you Steeve, the shadow effect blew my mind

  4. Montri Wyatt says:

    Thanks man, your tutorials are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll
    make sure everyone that knows me know who you are. I’ve been in the game
    for almost 2 years now and you’ve helped so much.

  5. Dharma Karmacharya says:

    Is resolution of 72 is enough for Flex Print or Vnyl Print??

  6. GazMic100 says:

    Thank you Steve you’re tutorials are FAB! I like how you make mistakes as
    well, makes you human. Great work.

  7. xSolidgamezx says:

    Yay! great episode Stephen ;)

  8. emaeshka says:

    Hello! As always, great video!) You can make a video prepress + video with
    a fine print on the printing and trimming? as they say from start to finish
    – the whole process. Interesting to see how it’s done!

  9. Sunny Deepak says:

    Can you see me how to create any cartoon character or digital painting in

  10. YoungDesignes says:

    Best Stephen Looney,

    What a beautiful designs you create!
    I am now working on “designing”. Almost 2 years
    I would like to see how I’m doing with my designs. React to you
    Because I make more than just backgrounds.


    -Robert-Graphic designer

  11. dizainer says:

    good job,thanks!!!

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