How to use Emitter rotation and spin to make fans, tail waves, and whiz bangs.
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14 responses to “RTC3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 16 (Emitter Spin)”

  1. winerts . says:

    How do you make the fans go from left to right? I tried reversing the
    values for spin rate, but it does something completely different. Any
    suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Rodi Reifel says:

    I have a good idea:make an advance spark trail to make the best trail and
    spliting fireworks like it flies and at the end it splists and only then

  3. Hunter K says:

    what does special effects do?

  4. davie499 says:

    1. Instead of having 1 halo, 5 seconds long for example, try increasing the
    number of halo particles. Try 15 particles with a lifetime of .5 seconds
    (with .5 time randomness). You may need to experiment with lifetimes and
    brightness, but the extra work will make a flicker halo, which does not
    stay around afterwards, and looks much better. This is how most of the
    “professional” effects are done. 2. Even I have not totally figured this

  5. ComeAndGetMe says:

    Can u make a tutorial on making a firework display because your shows are

  6. StickyGum32 says:

    Davie, do you know how to create a good looking fire effect? If so, how the
    heck do you make it?

  7. davie499 says:

    @royspaiky Shoot them if different directions by adding sphere speed to the
    vertical speed. Add lifetime randomness to the shells up to .5.

  8. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    Hey I have suggestion for more tutorials! how to make a fireworks like
    ground fountain arc and incredible krakatoa? and how to make a fireworks
    that explode a stars 3 times in one shooted shell like solar blaster?

  9. InnoventionsTomorrow says:

    Davie, I’m having a little trouble with one thing, and another thing might
    be my computer’s fault, but I need your imput. 1. How do you make a
    firework that spins 360 degrees? it’s a major firework that i need in my
    upcoming show , and I need to know how pretty soon…(and it’s supposed to
    be massive and last about 15 seconds or so. 2. When I make a firework
    w/particles tht have a halo around them, sometimes the halo gets left
    behind of the white core. Sometimes it happens, smtimes no. help??

  10. batmanstick says:

    i just cant make the shell patterns it doesnt spin it just launches them
    all around :*(

  11. davie499 says:

    @progamerxt 1. make sure the shell has gravity 2. make it’s lifetime longer
    so that it starts to fall 3. adjust the shell speed so that it starts to
    fall at the right height

  12. davie499 says:

    @InnoventionsTomorrow 1. As stated in the tutorial, if you want the shell
    to appear to spin, the rotation settings are made on the particles being
    shot from it, not the shell itself. Try increasing the spin slowly in
    whichever axis you want, then match the lifetime so that it makes 1
    revolution before it ends. 2. Just make sure that the halo has parent speed
    1, and no other speeds, and drag and gravity are identical to the core.

  13. TuhNEWbshow says:

    THANK YOU DAVIE499 youre the only one that can do this as good as you. now
    i even made a cuople of custom fireworks, but my PC sucks so i cant record
    any RCT3 stuff:( hope ill get a better PC someday! 5/5 btw

  14. royspaiky says:

    I had a question, maybe it is possible to all of your shells, ect. make a
    pack, and put on the internet. so that we can download it.

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