After Effects Motion Tracking Tutorial – AcrezHD

After Effects Motion Tracking Tutorial - AcrezHD

My Twitter: In this tutorial we learn about motion tracking text to real life footage within After Effects, Hope you enjoy and thi…
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15 responses to “After Effects Motion Tracking Tutorial – AcrezHD”

  1. Baljyot Sonar says:

    dude thnx 😀 it helped me 😀 i really wanted to learn this thnx sub earn 🙂
    soon u will hit 100k i hope tht day will cum soon :D

  2. Frank Bueno Laislaent says:

    min 3:28 … click what? f ? 

  3. Underground TV says:

    good video follow us 

  4. Hanna Aggassa says:

    how come when i press track forward it track fast video runs just normal as
    we just playing the video and tracks ok , but normally shouldnt it go
    slowly frame by frame 1 by 1

  5. Dave Shaw says:

    cheers dude really helpfull tut

  6. cristo vanrey dono says:

    that a true and quick tutorial from an expert love you dude

  7. Mehdi akabar says:

    thanks a loT !

  8. Emmanuel John says:

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you for this video.

  9. Semx11 says:

    I love your accent :3

  10. CACTUS says:

    thanks alot :D

  11. Xelerate says:

    I want to track my optical flare, but when I click “Track Motion” on my
    clip, the flare layer doesn’t show. Can anyone help?

  12. Parthi Ban says:


  13. Unplugged Boy says:

    how would you only select and work on a section of a full clip?

  14. Elnur05282 says:

    dude your accent is awesome

  15. Carrie Hawks says:

    Thanks so much!

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