Lightroom Tutorial: Create the Perfect Architecture Photo – PLP # 62 by Serge Ramelli

Lightroom Tutorial: Create the Perfect Architecture Photo - PLP # 62 by Serge Ramelli

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21 responses to “Lightroom Tutorial: Create the Perfect Architecture Photo – PLP # 62 by Serge Ramelli”

  1. Serge Ramelli says:

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    “CHRISTMAS”. Click here to view the courses:

    Merci !

  2. Serge Ramelli says:

    New free weekly tutorial podcast! Create the Perfect Architecture Photo

  3. Danny Seaton says:

    Serge has said before that he likes a high saturation. This is his style.
    Its not done for you to copy. Its to show you the workings of Lightroom.
    Very good, and easy to follow tutorials. Even with the French accent! lol

  4. Andrew Kavanagh says:

    ▶ Lightroom Tutorial: Create the Perfect Architecture Photo by Serge
    Ramelli #photoshop #lightroom

  5. Serge Ramelli says:

    I just did, somehow I never got your mail !

  6. faazers says:

    its more like an artistic photo , i like it very much, eye catching , Thank
    you very much for video

  7. Amuffin says:

    personally, i would change the hue of the orange to the right

  8. Frank Contreras says:

    Can you share a link so we could see some of your work?

  9. tboneporn2002 says:

    Thanks again.

  10. DJ Bruno Camargo says:


  11. TerminatoR99 says:

    Awesome Stuff! 😀 Love your videos

  12. TShaker says:

    I can understand the comments about the HDR, but the before and after
    difference is amazing!

  13. KdysiDavnoZilaBylaJednaLidskaBytostKteraMelaVelmiDlouhouPrezdivkuKteraBylaOpravduZbytecneVelmiDlouha says:

    It’s tutorial about Lightroom not about photography.

  14. Andrei Lazar says:

    The sky is too blue

  15. Ramal Babayev says:

    Good Job Serge, I been in this beautiful places Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez
    and of course Monte Carlo on August. I also got some nice shoots

  16. 70galleta says:

    Hi, Serge! Here I am again. You promised me on Youtube to give a new link
    to your course for which I paid $77, downloaded it but couldn’t open,
    because of some “Mistake2″-the file or catalog doesn’t exist”. Please, send
    me this link to my email. Thank you Sincerely, Tatyana

  17. Roberto Binetti says:

    Thanks Serge your videos are the best!

  18. Serge Ramelli says:

    In the video I also show how you can make it less saturated !

  19. Cuong Tran says:

    I like your videos good information

  20. FrenchPDNtutos says:

    Dafuk does your name means?

  21. Adrian Williams says:

    Awesome..great work.

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