4th July American Flag and Fireworks Face Paint Design Tutorial

4th July American Flag and Fireworks Face Paint Design Tutorial

Watch my more recent 4th July Tutorial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQRMUwY77u4&feature=youtu.be This video was created for Painted Party & Face Paint Fo…
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10 responses to “4th July American Flag and Fireworks Face Paint Design Tutorial”

  1. Oban says:

    You have a steady hand

  2. GeorgiaParis says:

    Yes I done it as far as I can tell but it’s not showing up yet. I think you
    need to approve it maybe? Many Thanks.

  3. paintedparty says:

    Thank you! Make sure you put it under “Video Responses” on the contest
    video, it’s a very cool design.

  4. paintedparty says:

    Can you try it again?…it’s not there for some reason. Thanks.

  5. Diane Thomas says:

    Great job!

  6. Christine Maentz says:

    Very nice! However the music is annoying…. sorry 🙁

  7. GeorgiaParis says:

    Haha why not! I’m not american either. Thanks, I was nervous about putting
    it up as it was my first and i’m only an amateur painter but i’m quite
    pleased with it! The song is Wiseguys- Ooh la la. x

  8. GeorgiaParis says:

    Thank-you. Yeah sorry about that… had to change music last minute because
    of copy right issues and thats one of the first I saw that youtube allowed.

  9. GeorgiaParis says:

    Thanks I really like your roses tutorial!! x

  10. Naomi Sitney says:

    awesome video i’m not even American and i wanna do it for tomorrow,btw
    thats the name of that song 😀

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