HTML tutorial part 2 – Adding Image

HTML tutorial part 2 - Adding Image

This html tutorial will teach you how to make a website with notepad – part 2 Adding an image with HTML [url=]ht…

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10 responses to “HTML tutorial part 2 – Adding Image”

  1. chanakya parashar says:

    due really useful FOR ME ……..
    Thanxx A loT 

  2. Maritza Rojas says:


  3. Jimbothenoob says:

    Question: What do you type if you don’t want to have the file on your

  4. lgkg32072 says:

    oh thank you workd fine =] 5 stars on the video by the way

  5. lgkg32072 says:

    mine has an “x” instead of the pic no matter what I do

  6. iTeenmusic says:

    if ut is a .jpeg file write it in the code as .jpg it works…

  7. lingping007 says:

    Do you have the picture on your desktop? if you have it in a folder on the
    desktop type ../”Folder name”/”file name” the ../ is important

  8. lingping007 says:

    Funny enough i have done a couple of days ago 🙂 £1 ($2) 😀

  9. David Blacklaws says:

    I liked this tutorial. May I ask what do you use for you screen capture?

  10. ddebbie333 says:

    @lingping007 mine did too i did what you said but it still gives me an x in
    a box or colored rectangles

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