Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #2

Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 - Tutorial #2

In this tutorial, the bulk of the design elements will be added into the theme. This includes the header and footer areas, as well as some other back end add…
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22 responses to “Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #2”

  1. WordPres :: OEM says:

    Tutorial #2 Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #2

  2. TheRealGaffer says:

    Hey dude, have you used one of 320 wordpress-bootstrap themes? I’ve
    downloaded one to look through and I notice that they don’t seem to do
    anything the same as you haha! Either way I think I’ll start from scratch
    and follow you just so I can pick up the basics rather than relying on
    someone else’s code I don’t understand yet.

  3. prog man says:

    this is so awsome and so good with this tutorial it can make it eazy for
    me to develop wp theme thank you so much ..

  4. Alexi Taylor-Parent says:

    If having trouble with adding your .js files use this WP function instead:

  5. Mr-Bledi says:

    for all those who have problems with style.css import
    add this line too on style.css
    @import url(‘css/bootstrap-responsive.css’);

    and basically in end is like this
    @import url(‘css/bootstrap.css’);
    @import url(‘css/bootstrap-responsive.css’);

    i tried everything, every comma and every dot, since i was on a local
    server, i open ftp port on router and an new rule on windows firewall for
    port 21, but nothing. there is the solution.

  6. Boogie Mashina says:

    The linking of the bootstrap.min.css dosen’t seem to work for me.Can
    somebody please help

  7. Robby Rosario says:

    Never realized that converting a BS3 to WP was so easy.

  8. artimachtpartyy says:

    i really dont understand why you delete the link to bootstrap.min.css. You
    just say: “we dont need it anymore” and noone understands why. Its a good
    tutorial but try to explain why you do things :)

  9. WordPres :: OEM says:

    Tutorial #2
    Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 -

  10. Michelle Anova says:

    I’m having a problem with Reply

  • avishek shah says:

    when i am refreshing the page after including the header and footer as
    get_header() and get_footer(); i don’t see any thing, the header is not
    just there 🙁 please help me, doing this thing on the local server btw.

  • artimachtpartyy says:

    in a design with anchors, where the page stays always the same, the header
    and footer.php isn’t needed – just the index.php. right?

  • RonnieLwd says:

    this doesnt work in WordPress 4.0.. 

  • Lee G says:

    anyone else unable to get the CSS file to link after following this to the
    dot? Whats the deal? Did he mention something I’m missing? or did he just
    skip over something important?

  • Victor Kimura says:

    this also works for the footer:


  • Jumbiiiee says:

    Where did he get the index.html file from?

  • John Pettinichio says:

    Did not work.

    Did some research and found this solution which worked for me.


  • Agah Nnaemeka says:

    This video series is the sweetest so far

  • Narek Keshishyan says:

    I already fixed the problem)
    thank you

  • Andrew Turner says:

    Hi all,

    Sorry if I missed in in comments below, but after adding this line:

  • Victor Kimura says:

    @Coder’s Guide, can you inform the people who download your code that the
    permissions need to be changed. I think you have some special permission
    set on the downloaded files because they are greyed out when unzipping them
    and copying them to the folders – at least, this is the case for my Windows
    7 WAMP machine.

  • sayed akbarali says:

    Thankyou all together a great tutorial

    for java script line

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