That Cinematic Look – After Effects Tutorial No. 1

That Cinematic Look - After Effects Tutorial No. 1

An Adobe After Effects tutorial on how to give your videos a cinematic look. This is my first ever tutorial, hope you enjoy it! Comment, hit the like button and subscribe for more entertaining videos! Twitter: T-shirts: Music: Kevin MacLeod

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14 responses to “That Cinematic Look – After Effects Tutorial No. 1”

  1. CMBMonie says:

    hey chris is it a good idea to color correct in adobe premiere first.. and then color correct using after effects or should i just focus on color grading and correction with after effects???

  2. VFXProductionsTokyo says:

    No, Swedish is a difficult language. Anyway, great tutorial for people starting out ! And you made it fun and interesting to watch which is very important because to learn After Effects you have to watch a lot of videos and boring videos become painful. But, yours are fun. Two thumbs up !

  3. HoraSemSiso says:

    He’s the fifth doble ganger!

  4. GotWhatUNeedMusic says:

    This was great

  5. trojenmaan says:

    Why would I take video tips from someone who cant balance audio, and edits an intro/outro that poorly.
    I want to punch you.

  6. Dmitry777S says:

    really good tutorial, simple and informative 😀

  7. BlazeXDHD says:

    fx 4100 is a quad core also so :S whatever imma use after effects for a vlog kinda videos and use vegas pro for games 🙂

  8. salehnaran says:

    nice tutorial nice angry guy

  9. Overcloseness says:

    He’s cursors black, so he’s using a Mac. In all honestly though I think lagging in this sort of area is more a processor thing, you’d probably find he’s got a i5 or i7 quad core iMac.

  10. BlazeXDHD says:

    whenever i finished editing everything its all laggy but why
    and my pc is a custom build with a geforce gtx 550ti, 8gb ram, FX 4100 3.6GHz 500gb HDD and 320 GB HDD why is it laggy after I put effects please somebody help

  11. vegard03031999 says:

    Hei svenske, jeg er norsk. Jeg lager film også 😉
    Håper du legger ut flere tutorials på ”film look”.
    Jeg har subscriba og likt denne vidoen. Stå på! 😀

    – Vegard

  12. JFreex says:

    Really great tutorial ! The way you explained this is just amazing !
    It was the first time I saw such a tutorial. Thank you a lot
    God bless you

  13. NinjaPanda5798 says:

    thank you

  14. gianelliarrianne says:

    this is a really good tutorial. 🙂

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