Excel tutorial: How to rank data without sorting | lynda.com

Excel tutorial: How to rank data without sorting | lynda.com

This Excel tutorial shows how to rank data without sorting it using the RANK function. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Excel-2010-tutorials/advanced-formu…
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6 responses to “Excel tutorial: How to rank data without sorting | lynda.com”

  1. Jakester43696 says:

    do you know when you enter the entire row instead you can choose only the
    cells with data in them and then hit f4( to lock the data) and you will
    have the correct result

  2. Kriselle Paladin says:

    hi there! Do you know how can I rank my data for my thesis? I asked the
    respondents to rank the seven twitter accounts from 1-7. Now I dont know
    how to compute it. I hope you can help Thanks in advance!

  3. qwertyfshag says:


  4. airtrixxx1080 says:

    You are a great instructor. Thanks!

  5. slapcompany says:

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  6. 37no37 says:

    Generate all combinations from ranking list elements, taken 6 at a time.
    Rank in % high(68- 100), average (34-67), low (1-33) [ 2 high-2ave-2 low]
    3even 3odd and sum up min (x), max (y).

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