Basic HTML Tutorial

Basic HTML Tutorial – This is a very, very basic HTML tutorial that discusses tags and a basic layout.

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14 responses to “Basic HTML Tutorial”

  1. dallaslopez says:

    please PM me what video recording software did you use>?

  2. EdwardoOwns says:

    great tutorial

  3. nerdydev says:

    no i use b to save on fill spase

  4. CLTheMonk says:

    What’s Vista got to do with coding HTML?

    Christ you can code HTML in 95% of all operatings systems in the market.

  5. CLTheMonk says:

    Strong is used primarily to show emphaiss it’s better to use strong to emphasise something for screen readers and other assistive technology – no one seems to care really since it LOOKS the same.
    b is simply, just bold.

    I’m sorry to say that strong is no better VISUALLY, but it’s best to know your HTML properly. Personally since he is showing html, b would of been a better demostration.

  6. housemandoc23 says:

    I love how people comment on these vids for beginners and say like, “Oh my, how basic, I don’t need it, but I guess it helps some people :/” or something like that, yet they watch the video????

  7. crazyserega1994 says:

    veryyyy basic

  8. Vintagegamenerd45 says:

    This is fun!

  9. matte00100 says:

    very nice tutorial 🙂

    I remember the days when I was a noob like that lol

  10. theringer1217 says:

    this has deffinitly started me on html. many thanks for the boost

  11. Cooperkid5971 says:

    Thanks dude having fun using it

  12. narutorules1994 says:

    cool! This really helpful… unlike some of the other html thing on the internet…

  13. jasonp03 says:

    Cool dude

  14. perfect12320 says:

    Awesome video but just wondering y do u think strong is better then b??? Just wondeirng if there’s actually a diffrence or if it’s just a preferance

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