C# Beginners Tutorial – 1 – Introduction and Installing C# 2010

C# Beginners Tutorial - 1 - Introduction and Installing C# 2010

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18 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 1 – Introduction and Installing C# 2010”

  1. StefanoOrlandini says:

    C# is a great programming language for building applications quickly and efficiently but don’t stop there. learn C++ as well. The last thing you want to do is be stuck programming for one kind of platform. The concepts are the same but the Syntax is greatly different. But they are both pretty easy to learn. Just some people say C++ is harder because it doesn’t have a very good “intellisense” so they think its hard to program in when they can’t find out which API to use. Learn both!

  2. StefanoOrlandini says:

    Yeah C# is a higher level of a programming language, but also if you didn’t already know there are some limitations to what you can do with it. not in the sense of what you can make, but who you can make it for. Because C# is a Microsoft developed language you can only program for things that were made by Microsoft (or using the .Net Framework). In which case also makes your program a little slower because it has to speak with the .Net Framework before it speaks with the processor.

  3. Snugglypatchvids says:

    im seriously curious…hows that work?

  4. jdatabean says:

    C# is a higher level programming language than C++. This means that there are many objects and interfaces that have already been built for you that you can implement. What is better? This depends on what you are trying to make. I have heard that if you are going to write drivers C and C++ are the way to go. If you are trying to make an application that you can write an essay on, send instant messages or even do simple arithmetic C# is the better language. I would suggest you learn both.

  5. thesorcererX says:

    LOUDEEEEER !!!!!!

  6. GodyEND says:

    x) I always end up on thenewboston tutorials

  7. xTxNarutoxTx says:

    In the sense that it compiles in native code, yes, but actual development of programs C# is faster.

  8. areurealyreadingthis says:

    I’ve been told c++ is faster, but I will take your word for it.

  9. xTxNarutoxTx says:

    Development is much much faster in c# I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. nscknp says:

    @thenewboston hi!! can you please suggest / recommend a good book on c / c++ .

  11. TheMdayracn says:

    too small.. 🙁

  12. areurealyreadingthis says:

    c++ is more powerful, but harder to learn, c# is more similar to java in it’s syntax, and is a little bit slower than c++ as well, but it really comes down to personal preference, as to which you want to learn.

  13. MrNastek14 says:

    Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, C# and i was learning C++ 2 years ago 😀

  14. megamuffin1517 says:

    You can use MonoDevelop as your IDE.

  15. russjr08 says:

    Well, C# and Java are closely related, however I agree with C++, its way different 😛

  16. UnknownEncryption says:

    learning those at the same time is not the best idea…
    do one then the other.

  17. AnthonyKL22 says:

    What is the difference or what is better C# or C++

  18. evadehacking says:

    Bucky actually has a gun to the back of this guys head. He did these tutorials by force.

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