CSS Tutorial – 2 – Basic Structure and Syntax

CSS Tutorial - 2 - Basic Structure and Syntax

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14 responses to “CSS Tutorial – 2 – Basic Structure and Syntax”


    tommorow this video will have been up for 4 years

  2. Mertt03 says:

    whats the difference between Attributes and Properties? Is it correct if i say Attributes ar used within Tags in Html and Properties are used in Css?

  3. Ulikazu says:

    No, he used Notepad++

  4. CustomDataSolution says:

    Did you use a adobe dreamweaver in this editor?

  5. 90cdowns says:

    Hey, can u make a video explaining CSS Reset please.

  6. bartjoboy says:

    Depends on the situation. I work with a website development company and it’s true that we do most of our stuff inside seperate .css files.. still, we also use the style tag a lot when for example, a certain PHP module on a website needs different styling than the normal stuff. We than use the style tag normally..

  7. Oezilla says:

    No professional website bothers with the whole “style input”, CSS is all done on a separate file entirely.

  8. Oezilla says:


  9. epale2000 says:

    Hi, what html editor are you using in this video? Thanks.

  10. bartjoboy says:

    If you save the file with the appropriate file extension (so in this case either .html or .css) it will automatically choose the right syntax for you. 😉

  11. OhLookItsBrad says:

    I’m currently drowning in an angry sea of web design homework. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE VIDEOS.

  12. mihai4music says:

    K guys im useing notepad ++…what language should i chose form the menu? i guess boston is useing html,isn’t he?

  13. cityvilleplayer says:

    very nice tutorial , this worked in Chrome but did not work with explorer 7
    where is problem ?

  14. monofono2006 says:

    also if you want to change a lot of things rather than going through each and every one of those things you can just change it quickly up on the top.

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