Photoshop Tutorials – Photo To Line Drawing

Photoshop Tutorials - Photo To Line Drawing

This tutorial is just the first video of a multi video session that will show how to turn a photo into a drawing and adding a lil jazz to the image. More tutorials coming soon @
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13 responses to “Photoshop Tutorials – Photo To Line Drawing”

  1. koolgirl707 says:

    @eha1990 you could maybe put a drop shadow on it or and outline 🙂 double click the layer and you will see all the options! 😀

  2. startphotography says:

    Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  3. bideovest says:

    Thank you!!

  4. webster lumbre says:

    what do you do after clicking color dodge?

  5. eha1990 says:

    Excellent tutorial. How can you define the lines to just make those darker and more pronounced?

  6. raztis1 says:

    can u tell me why, when im using the pen tool, im tracing the background to create a line drawing. i create the first line with the pen tool, then when i start adding anchor points, in order to create the right angle of the line, it fills in all the area within the curve with black, and i just want to create a line. do u understand, i dont want it to fill the space, but it always does, i just want to trace the line.

  7. meteayy says:

    are you sure you choose the right layer?

  8. meteayy says:

    doing it takes 20 seconds but teaching how to do takes more; like It would never take 5 minutes to learn a 5 minutes long song 🙂

  9. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Nothing happened when I did “color dodge.”

  10. vaporsofgold says:

    Btw, if you want this as a finished layer, select the 2nd duplicated layer, and right click>merge down or CTRL+E, then repeat with the hue/sat layer. Thanks for the vid, this is really going to help me with my line art/comic color technique

  11. JayzJaYesh says:

    You said 15-20 seconds you took 3 minutes to complete it.!!

  12. ziii09 says:

    Thanks! Its so simple and easy. (:

  13. parthiajithfan says:


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