LBP fireworks Tutorial (part 1/2)

LBP fireworks Tutorial (part 1/2)

Here is how to create three different fireworks in Little Big Planet
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6 responses to “LBP fireworks Tutorial (part 1/2)”

  1. badchika12 says:

    can you come my house and do that firework

  2. badchika12 says:

    i little big planet 2 i made titanic on it i do not know how to make it sink

  3. zachxmosh says:

    1:53 fail?

  4. MrCodeRed432 says:

    thank you so much im subing

  5. shauncop1 says:

    can you use the star lights ? and if not where do you get them lights what lvl

  6. RFT15ify says:

    yeah I already know. That’s what is shitty about ps3

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