WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard

Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 - The Dashboard

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! www.wordpresstipstricksandtweaks.com | In this second WordPress tutorial for beginners, I’ll give a rundown on the different areas of the WordPress dashboard in your administration consol. Make sure to view the rest of my “WordPress Tutorials for Beginners” video series on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. If you would like help in your business, contact me at http

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16 responses to “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard”

  1. juancapell says:

    Muy buen tutorial


  2. nigelum says:

    1. This is found under “Settings” and it will only “tell” the search engines not to index with no guarantee that they won’t. 2 & 3…because this tutorial series was made with an earlier version of WordPress.

  3. aeiou772 says:

    Robert ! video is not yet started and i am already noticing the differences, 1 no option to block search engine 2.no drop down menu under (new post) button 3. Layout is totally changed and a bit confusing

  4. aeiou772 says:

    Hello Robert ! i love yr tutorials and your typical teaching style, i hav seen this entire series. i was looking for a host but then i decided to sign up for free just to clear my concepts firsts,i signed up for free on wordpress(.)com and i am on dashboard of my first free testing blog. Please just let me know that what is the difference b/w this free service and paid subscription by a host? other then they just assign an independent host name.thank you and congratulations for being so magical

  5. kiraspider1 says:

    Wow really impressed subscribed.

  6. paulabendall says:

    I am brand new to blogging. I have just started to follow and read your blogs on You Tube. You are a great teacher. I have every confidence when I listen to your explanation. paula

  7. nigelum says:

    HAHA!!! Hey, I’ve got them organized alphabetically……;P

  8. alloverfreckels says:

    thank you. like your bookmarks folder church & conspiracies next to each other ..:-)

  9. nigelum says:

    Those things are taught on my new site at WordPress Tips, Ticks and Tweaks. I haven’t gotten the tutorials up and running yet, but they’ll be up within a month.

  10. TheKat302 says:

    you never told how to start
    make database back end, all starting work.

  11. ProfitisElias says:

    Good video… get a recorder. Stats show people will lose interest if you have bad sound… and you really do have bad recording for this! Saying that, thanks for the vid!

  12. masterxgt says:

    nevermind, i just got to that part lol

  13. masterxgt says:

    what web host did you use, or which do you recommend (overall)?

  14. ACK556 says:

    Good clear video, thank you!

  15. mobyboy says:

    thats right ! he started with the software already installed. I dont know where the blog poped out from nowhere ? to cut a long story short, we need something more substentails and basic before this

  16. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    Thank you for this information, very useful.

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