Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Fake Tattoo Effect

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Fake Tattoo Effect

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17 responses to “Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Fake Tattoo Effect”

  1. sumiturok says:

    Your tutorials are the best man! keep making videos..

  2. Charlie Montoya says:

    honestly a lot of the technique you using is very amateur like u never go
    to image adjustments to add effects u want to make adjustment layers so u
    can edit it later if u need to.

  3. jollyday6 says:

    i want that wallpaper u got on u r desktop ..wats the name of the wallpaper
    else give me the link

  4. manuel Laiz says:

    poor poor

  5. Enis Gusinjac says:

    your tutorials are perfect for begginers as I am…but I need to know (if
    you know ofc) what is the name of that girl? she’s so hot, I have some
    photos of here found on facebook, but I think there is more of her 🙂 keep
    uploading tutorials, congrats!

  6. Aimqail says:

    keep making tutorials like for real

  7. Samir Nijenhuis says:

    your tutorials are nice man i dont like the low views 🙁

  8. kacey lebrun says:

    Some people here went on this tutorial for this hot damn girl on their
    glary eyes O_O

  9. kacey lebrun says:

    lol, just Google her

  10. CherryASMR says:

    No offense but this is very amateur, the technique and the results. However
    I appreciate you took the time to make this.

  11. Kenneth Mark-Coffie says:

    I love the girl.wowowo she’s fuckin sexy

  12. 9TO5VFX says:

    @Aimqail thank you i appreciate all the support!

  13. bubbleeteea says:

    i like your tutorials but i think they need zoom in’s :3 even on HD
    sometimes i have to pause a lot to find out what your doing i think it
    would be better if you do this?

  14. Alex qtson says:

    can you post me your desktop wallpaper?

  15. Darryl Smith Jr. says:

    no man i dont think you get it.., like for real for real man!

  16. Joyz Woods says:

    cool! you’re making it perfect .. i love all your video tutorials!

  17. kacey lebrun says:

    pause on 1:26 ^_^

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