Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Making “Ink Brush” Lines Part 1

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Making

How to use Adobe Illustrator’s Pen tool to make smooth curving lines that tlook like the strokes of an ink brush

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9 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Making “Ink Brush” Lines Part 1”

  1. SailorRocket says:

    Thanks to this vid, I understand the pen tool better! 😀

  2. tuber123asd says:

    Dude, thanks a lot for the video, but that music (or rather that type of music, where it stops and starts probably isn’t the best choice for a video that includes talking) should be reconsidered. It’s distracting, and unlike watching a speedpainting video, which is for entertainment, not learning, it’s really unnecessary. But thanks again for the video!

  3. kobrarulz says:

    dont put music over the audio of you talking, its really distracting & you have it neally as loud as your voice. Imagine sitting in a class room trying to learn something & the teacher has a band standing next to them playing as they’re talking, sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it?

  4. Petipulpul says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, I didn’t know what that tool was for, I’m not a proffetional, I just love to play with Photoshop, Now I learned something new! 😀

  5. SamAndTrent says:

    Can someone help me with the Ellipse Tool?
    Is there a way to make a circle with black lines but no inside?
    Please help me, im trying to erase something intersecting it but it just makes nasty bland lines that stay connected.

  6. altliviadunham says:

    that’s great, but you used the pen tool, not pencil.

  7. MsMoe116 says:

    thank you very much for this tutorial, was a HUGE help!

  8. mortalcottonslasher1 says:

    Best 5 minute instruction ever

  9. hexxus7 says:

    Super great Technique, I was totally wondering how you did your lines, 🙂

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