Speedtree and 3dsmax Basic Tutorial [HD]

Speedtree and 3dsmax Basic Tutorial [HD]

This is a basic tutorial on how to create a basic tree in Speedtree 5.1 and import in 3dsmax for rendering using V-Ray.

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25 responses to “Speedtree and 3dsmax Basic Tutorial [HD]”

  1. Aali.D.Gr8 says:

    Please give me full Speed tree tutorial with all its featured please i want
    to learn full Speed Tree its important :/

  2. FaZe Freaks says:

    thanks mate…that`s really helpful… you r english is really good
    understandable.. :)

  3. MT Qabshoqa says:

    Worked great for me. Thanks Mate. I am using 3DS Max 2014 and two things
    are different so far:
    1- When you open the script you have to import the .FBX file from the
    Script menu.
    2- The rendered should be assigned to mental ray and the textures should be
    added as an external path

  4. Guoxiong Lee says:

    Why my fbx model is loos faces in max 2012?

  5. lñkjñlj lkjkmjlk says:

    I like your english, it’s tottally understandable :D

  6. Mustafa Arifoğlu says:


  7. Satheesh Pv says:

    @hppava For render settings i used my own script called Swift-Switch.

  8. TKS Architects says:

    Great tutorial man, really helped me out. Thanks! (Also the word “utility”
    is pronounced “you TILL ih tee” in English – just in case anyone gives you
    any grief about it.)

  9. WJonnie says:

    can i do tree assist and put it in CryEngine 3 SDK?

  10. Antonio Luis Ramos says:

    Thx man, very usefull.

  11. papricek12345 says:

    Where we can find those scripts you are using? thanks

  12. GotterVibez says:

    Hi.. that’s a great and useful tutorial :D, but i do have a problem after i
    export to 3ds max: the leafs are 2d 🙁 and they are all oriented in the
    same direction.. I can’t see if this happen also to you in this video, but
    as you rotate at 5:42 it seems you do not have this problem.. I export as
    fbx binary as you do.. hmm one more thing : I cannot export the tree from
    3ds max to .3ds format, any ideeas why? thank u

  13. Fabinho10Ace says:

    thanks for the help 🙂 do you know where i can find the program speed tree
    to export for game development?

  14. Fabinho10Ace says:

    i have 3Ds max design

  15. Rui Dias says:

    I imported a tree .3ds and the foliage appears on my viewport but dont
    appear on the render? help?

  16. hppava says:

    @hppava Edit, I am having trouble with my render settings also. Thanks for
    the tutorial!

  17. BerfroidMorzen says:

    you must use cryengine

  18. Gökhan ALTAY says:

    Thanks for tutorial.

  19. Satheesh Pv says:

    Am sorry Fabinho10Ace…I dont know…Am not familiar with Unity Engine.

  20. Satheesh Pv says:

    Video Game Development

  21. hppava says:

    I like the tutorial very much! I am trying to figure out how to setup the
    vray materials and the render does not look realistic as yours. Do you have
    the scene file? subbed/liked/commented. Thank you!

  22. Badman Sharma says:

    i want script for maya!!!!also i want to add fire on des trees, help me
    with ur suggestions please reply soon….

  23. CaseNemsis says:

    you can put it into 3dsmax and from there you can export it into CE3

  24. RaiderA528M says:

    Yep : ) Just tick it on the fbx export : )

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