After Effects Tutorial – How to pick up a car!

After Effects Tutorial - How to pick up a car!

Free Background Textures! This tutorial goes over the basics of how to pick up a car in Adobe After Effects. If you have any questions, just shoot me a message and i will reply ASAP. http Follow Us!
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7 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – How to pick up a car!”

  1. SuperScrills says:

    help me…just be a little more specific about copying the windows mask to the adjustment layer for hue saturation when i ctrl c cntrl v i just made a copy of my mask then when i added the coloration it just acted like a regular adjustment layer

  2. AsianZOMBIEkillers says:

    how do i do this but for people? like dark vader kind of style

  3. kaprphish says:

    I think you did a pretty good job. What makes your vid not very believable is the fact that the tree line in the window remains the same even though the car is now tilted. Windows and reflections have always jacked up my vids. I love the tint idea, but it’s hard to appreciate it when the trees are still there.

  4. Jeremy Pople says:

    no i watched it first time and saw it. so thumbs up too us two

  5. saborknight says:

    Couldnt you just film the expected reflection, put it on the window as if it were a reflaection, add a bulge effect,opacity it a bit and stuff? much easier in my oppinion…

  6. Falihbagus13 says:

    @braproductions : Damn man… Why din’ you made a tutorial that shows you made it from a scratch. This tutorial just made me confused. How could it be this, how could it be that. cuz’ you shows all the viewers a whole finished layers and just says everything you did. But not shows us how to do it from a scratch. I know it’s going to be hard. But it will be really usefull if you upload the video that you do it from a scratch… Please.. Thanks 😀

  7. Chuck Norris says:

    I’ve never used effects. Ever.

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