C# Tutorial 2 For Beginners (Login System)

C# Tutorial 2 For Beginners (Login System)

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12 responses to “C# Tutorial 2 For Beginners (Login System)”

  1. TakeControlGetResult says:

    My visual studio won’t debug says that file “WindowsFormsApplication1binDebugWindowsFormsApplicatoion1.exe” is missing. But there is a file named WindowsFormsApplicatoion1.vshost.exe can you help? thank you

  2. DonVHaley says:

    Great Job. Thanks,

  3. mangaelf18 says:

    thank you!! ^_^

  4. Riddlerx333x says:

    the Login or Enter button would do anything

  5. GantGrid says:

    This here fixed my error just fine..Awesome video thanks for the help
    string Username = “Username”;
     string Password = “Password”;
    if (textBox1.Text == Username && textBox2.Text == Password)

  6. TheAmeerx says:

    though your voice is young you still make it way easy to code, subed.

  7. xxxLifeOnTheEdgexxx says:

    Thanks for posting!

  8. CinemaNine360 says:

    what is double and sign? and where is it

  9. iphoneandnick says:

    cool it kindalooks like as3 and i know as3 good

  10. Nyutoraru says:

    Error “Use Visual C# instead of Visual Basic”
    Seriously, end if doesnt exist in C#, u must be using Visual Basic which is less complicated then C# (C Sharp) but it can do less too. So it depends what you want to do with it. I suggest you to learn C#, afterwards C++

  11. bloodytoy3 says:

    thanks alotm sry for replying late but thanks for taking the time to explain for me :))

  12. gytis55 says:

    Operator ‘&&’ cannot be applied to operands of type ‘bool’ and ‘string’
    I’m using the 2010 Express, I typed in the same as you did.

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