CSS Tutorial – 7 – Direct Child Selectors

CSS Tutorial - 7 - Direct Child Selectors

Go to thenewboston.com if you need any help or have any questions. I will answer them all there!

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8 responses to “CSS Tutorial – 7 – Direct Child Selectors”

  1. Hundenass says:

    2 thought, there are Counter Strike Source tutorials

  2. CryDayLV says:

    css-counter strike source …

  3. SnijdersMax says:

    that’s because IE sucks

  4. Arjun007ize says:

    Nice one, Subscribed.

  5. jakabecks says:

    It seems it doesn’t work in IE8
    Does though in FF 3.0.19

  6. mangoprojects says:

    Thank you. Another simple, yet effective tutorial. -behindvfx

  7. jdkurrash says:

    I find coding to be the most fun part; point and clicking is to easy.

  8. thealee says:

    If you want to be a web designer/coder, you HAVE to know CSS as its now standard in websites. It also makes sites easier to read for disabled people who use screen readers etc.

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