Flash Buttons: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Flash Buttons: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com Learn all about Flash buttons inside of Dreamweaver, how to make them, edit them and use them in different ways! Remember to check out www.tutvid.com for more videos and downloads!
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21 responses to “Flash Buttons: Dreamweaver Tutorial!”

  1. samss4444 says:

    i hav dreamweaver cs5.5 and it dosent show any flash buttons options ! please help

  2. joeygart says:

    I do not know much on flash buttons i get confused.

  3. deadmanairsoft says:

    how do i make a btn on the page image? For example I made the site in Photoshop so how do i get the btns actually on the image rather than on top or under the web image?

  4. skipastar05 says:

    I use dreamweaver cs5 and when you go to the insert, media, plug in it just asks me to select a file??? no button option

  5. SERAJ22 says:

    very useful, help me alot with creating my site,
    I have created a button in flash CS5, but I don’t what action I have to write in (flash)
    to make the button navigate between pages in my dreamweaver site, can you please help me with this?
    thanks you.

  6. MrKon14 says:

    i have made the buttons as you directed in the video, but how do i import the buttons i have just made into the other pages of my site???.

  7. MrKon14 says:

    cool! i didnt even know dreamweaver had flash buttons all this time lol, thanks

  8. krasav4ik82 says:

    You should try Cool Button Designer. You dont need to have a photoshop, it cost 9.99 and it does make glossy, plastic and windows 7 buttons with easy in 5 minutes. It gives you control over the glare gradient, light reflection, smoothness, light itself, etc… It also generated mouse over and mouse clicked states and they can be in different color and easy to set. It generates the HTML Code. You should try it! . It does the job well. I strongly recommend you! Google for Cool Button Designer 7.3

  9. sientguy says:

    is there any order in wich ur vids work? cause i wanna watch em all but i dont want to dont know things u say evrytime and then learn it in the vid afterwords and so on, i wanna begin basic and advance if u know what i mean ;P.

  10. NitinisChiku says:

    I want to insert custom flash button! how can I do that in dreamweaver cs5?

  11. thatguyonce says:

    hi im not an expert in ICT so this may be a stupid question, what is a swf file extension?

  12. libra0sydney says:

    hi, i m just a beginner n i wanna know can we create a sub-menu out of a flash button?

  13. WWtuts says:

    well n00b,
    This is Macromedia DreamWeaver 8 and you have Adobe DreamWeaver CS4, that’s something whole different. If you are a n00b you are not yet able to do this… i’m sorry…

  14. WWtuts says:

    This is an old version of DreamWeaver, it’s still from MAcromedia but Adobe bought it. Macromedia also had flash. So the macromedia version of DreamWeaver is much more compatible with Flash.

  15. 5032sac says:

    Bummer! No media button off to the next tutorial….

  16. JScaper says:

    I dont know its like an update me to 🙁 google?

  17. AndreasZinonos says:


  18. AndreasZinonos says:

    I don’t have a media–> flash button! Please Help!

  19. munguiax18 says:

    how u put a button made on adobe flash and put it on draemweaver?

  20. optymystyc says:

    It is possible. You just have to create the buttons in Flash ( I have CS4) and , using actionscript, link the buttons to the URL of the pages in your site. There are a lot of tutorials on how to do that on Youtube. just type in linking buttons to URL and it should pop right up.

  21. 9kuuby9 says:

    so how do i have to do it if i have cs4 ?

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