WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

To view a complete list of the WordPress lessons in sequential order visit: http://learnwebcode.com/learn-wordpress/ In this lesson we learn how to create a …

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25 responses to “WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)”

  1. FreebieUndead says:

    quality tutorials mate. thank you. could you please briefly explain to me
    why we have to echo the result of the php function for the home url, when
    in other cases when don’t have to use echo? cheers. 

  2. Sam Miller says:

    You are a genius teacher!!! I have stumbled through Lynda and VTC and so
    much else and learned more from you than all of them THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Gossil page says:

    Is there any tool to automatically add “comments” to HTML tags in sublime

  4. Antonin Aubry says:

    One word : awesome.
    I actually have NO skills in coding (I just know that HTML is for static
    stuff, PHP for dynamic, and a DataBase is for the content), and this is
    almost crystal clear explanations for totally beginners !
    However, I have a question, when I open the localhost/wordpress/ page, I
    can only see the website now : how can I access to the WordPress Dashboard
    please ?
    Many thanks in advance,
    Someone close to me would say you deserve your own statue. Well, I agree.
    Cheers from France

  5. Agah Nnaemeka says:

    This video hid……. The most amazing and the simplest……. Please how
    to add header logo and widget,,,please please please…. You are amazing

  6. Tim Pons says:

    This is the best tut about the WordPress Basics so far i have seen! Keep up
    the good work!! Greatz from Holland!

  7. Antonio Morote says:

    What editor are you using?

  8. Gossil page says:

    You know, there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube about making a wordpress
    theme, but simply yours is the best! i see also many people do agree with
    me 🙂

    Thank you very much and please keep it up.

  9. Liana John says:

    I really like to follow your videos but I hit a brick. How can I create a
    new theme of my own? I went back and forth many times but I was unable to
    locate the index. Has this something to do with the browser? I’m using
    xampp on Vista. Please help. Thanks!

  10. Adam's Koc says:

    I have a question about how did u create a new file in a folder at: 02:05
    sek.? Thank you for your videos. 🙂 

  11. Ákos Végh says:

    This is a very good tutorial! 🙂
    Can I ask which is this source editor?

  12. albatros7410 says:

    great job man iam waiting for the next part (pat 2 ) thanks :)

  13. Kevin M. Thomas says:

    This is simply the best tutorial for CMS on the planet! You teach people
    the practical solutions to actually make a career out of this.

  14. brosky117 says:

    You are the greatest person I have never met. Thank you. You seriously just
    became one of my favorite people.
    I just watched like 3 hours of your stuff. This is awesome!!!

  15. LazyWednesday says:

    You taught the viewers to make a theme but just typing in functions that
    came out of nowhere is kind of complicated. I know it is very simple
    because those are built in wordpress functions. but how do we know those
    stuff how do we access the functions that we need to use? You just type and
    say what you are doing and I was quite disappointed because I wanna make my
    own theme. where I choose what functions I need and use. Yes you showed us
    how to make a theme but you forgot to teach us the basics on this. The
    functions. How do we know where too see them and how to use them.

  16. Abdullah Alemadi says:

    How amazing is this !
    Finally I can control a wordpress theme and design my own T_T

    This is really a dream coming true ..

    Many many thanks ;p

  17. Achim Siegmund says:

    Great Video-Tutorial! Easy to understand and very interesting. Thanks very
    much for your work.

  18. palash adhikary says:

    This tutorial is very much easier to understand. Thanks you a lot.

  19. muddy murphy says:

    can i do all this without installing wordpress locally ? how to i do all
    this php and css online 

  20. Adrian Pintilei says:

    Awesome tutorial! Keep it up :)

  21. SanGennaro says:

    Great tutorial, very clear! Thank you.

  22. omgapotatoe says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I learned a bunch. Btw I can barely keep up with
    you while you’re coding(have to keep pausing). How do you type html so
    fast? What IDE are you using?

  23. LearnWebCode says:
  24. Hondazinho CP says:

    help, look
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in
    /wp-content/themes/DiretorioTema/index.php on line 10

  25. Shameer Mohammed says:

    Neat introduction! Now I’ll stop spending money on buying wordpress themes
    and start creating myself 🙂 Thanks a lot Brad! Looking forward for your
    upcoming Udemy courses!

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