Growing Vine Animation Pt1 Photoshop: After Effects Tutorial

Growing Vine Animation Pt1 Photoshop: After Effects Tutorial This is the first part of my Animated Growing Vine tutorial! This video focuses on Photoshop and how to set up the vine image so that it can be easily imported into After Effects. For Photoshop Brush’s and more tips check my website!

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17 responses to “Growing Vine Animation Pt1 Photoshop: After Effects Tutorial”

  1. drmx12333 says:

    Do you know how to make it transparent on CS6 mac?

  2. JadMock says:

    what about using the rubber tool per couple of frames flip the video so it plays in reverse and it will give the illusion of growing?!?

  3. folgersblack says:

    is your format 8×11 before you put it into aftereffects or do you have to scale it down more, or does it matter? 🙂

  4. aasse says:

    Tuto is great! Most impressive for me is that you are able to do all that in a Mac!

  5. NeEkNinJa says:

    Thanks for this video I find it very helpful. One question I was able to copy one of the leaves on the big vine but when I attempt to do the same for the others I get an error message and it says that a new layer can not be created because the selected area is empty but i selected around the leaf. Do you know of a solution?? Thanks!

  6. taylortala says:

    thank ou very much very good tutorial, i have tu subscribe )))))

  7. ionut1234567891011 says:

    oh to hard but you can`t make in AI and import vector in to AE and done!

  8. bushjerky1 says:

    im still waiting for the effect….

  9. McWalkin23 says:

    filthy horde? you mean faction with good racials other than every man for himself alliance has bad racials, and don’t use blood elves as an example, they don’t count as horde.

  10. quazre0 says:

    noobs use erase, just saying, he should be using the mask tool to hide it, that way he doesnt lose anything 2:48

  11. hanfernparkour says:

    you hit middle button between X and _ its the square. and drag the tab out and it should work

  12. JOWSielicious says:

    lucky i got the same brush set so it’s easier to learn! 😀

  13. isabiten says:

    Can you make gifs in this?

  14. sasukepr6 says:

    After i create the folder and cut off a bit of the vine i can’t command J it, why is that?

  15. ikwilzograageennaam says:

    You could try to press “F”, at least if you work on a mac this will give you the option to switch between the different states of “full screen”.

  16. irshad2755 says:

    where is the brush

  17. TheVish56 says:

    See my new after effect video . ” sometime vampires die ” yes you heard right . Vampires also die . 🙂 lol Whole new effect just like they do in movies … Vampires burn .

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