How To: iMovie Basics

How To: iMovie Basics

As requested by TheLaurenHarper, here is part 1 of a 3 part tutorial. In this tutorial you will gain an understanding of the workspace and some of the new features in iMovie 11. For any questions or inquiries contact me at: TheLaurenHarper Ted Manning

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12 responses to “How To: iMovie Basics”

  1. emmagriffy92 says:

    Thanks really helpful insight on how to get started :)

  2. SquirrelyCloud says:

    Thank you for posting this! It helped me understand iMovie much better. I have a question, what program do you use for screen recording? I use Hypercam, but it’s not the best software.

  3. CharlesHeureaux says:

    You can watch my other tutorials to learn how to do that.

  4. LUVallova says:

    There’s a whole lot of explanation and “boom”, but you didn’t actually do it.
    I would prefer if you tried to make a short video with 3 images and a song for instance.
    Just actually do it.

  5. CharlesHeureaux says:

    The easiest way I know how to do it is to open iPhoto and upload the videos there. Once you do that, go into you finder > movies > iMovie Events > create a new folder and put the videos there.

  6. CharlesHeureaux says:

    Look at my tutorial how to make a logo animation. One of my very first tutorials.

  7. Summer Harris says:

    I already have iMovie… But I record videos with my iPod Touch not a camcorder… And I couldn’t figure out how to send my videos on my iPod to iMovie… Please help

  8. SugarFreeTV says:

    it helped. don’t listen to others:)

  9. maxintosh100 says:

    how do you make that intro

  10. lelebumblebee says:

    Thanks!!! This video helped so much! I understand IMovie way better!!! Thanks soooo much! 🙂

  11. EdVidz says:

    You have to make a lot of back up copies to protect the original. There’s no “Save As” in iMovie.
    Am using a Sony CX190, roughly 10GB/hr. in FN quality mode.

    I don’t understand how the Project Library works. Does it only apply to one video or can you use it over and over like a Photoshop layer on other videos? I just lost the video I was editing for two days, it was three hours long.

    Do you convert your video to QuickTime and then edit?

  12. letsAMPit says:

    how did u make the intro

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