Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Logo Design – Episode 21

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Logo Design - Episode 21 Welcome to Episode 21 of Logo Design Boot Camp which focuses on the Letter U. Graphic Designers will learn how to design a…

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18 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Logo Design – Episode 21”

  1. Pepper Moore says:


  2. crispey bear says:

    thanks again Stephen, very helpful.

  3. ViixEdits says:

    >gradient text
    stopped watching

  4. Stephen Looney says:

    It sounds pretty loud to me!

  5. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you very much!

  6. Gabriel Negrean says:

    Which is the difference between unite and merge?

  7. just4all1 says:

    my new favorit channel

  8. Lagarta DeCastilla says:


  9. thumperger says:


  10. Stephen Looney says:

    I just free distorted the entire thing and then sent it to the back so you
    couldn’t see the bottom area.

  11. Samuela Marayawa says:

    hey, Im stuck on the flipping vertical of the building boxes..could you
    give me a step by step on how you did what you pressed, i keep rotating it
    even though im using my reflect tool…sort of weird lol

  12. Stephen Looney says:

    Awesome my friend….soak it all up! Don’t forget to subscribe to our

  13. Yasmine ouldh says:

    miaw !!

  14. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you Red Dog!! I try very hard for you!

  15. Graphics246 says:

    That’s what its all about.

  16. Boshra Abdullah says:

    great job 🙂 i learned alot from you ,, “shokran” <- thanx in arabic 😉

  17. Stephen Looney says:

    That is 100% correct….thank you for throwing that our there.

  18. Dylan Kardash says:

    my circle is not splitting into two shapes 11:50

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