Metal Lightning Bolt & Vector Leather! Illustrator Tutorial

Metal Lightning Bolt & Vector Leather! Illustrator Tutorial

Download the Leather Texture: Welcome to this video tutorial! We will be using Illustrator CS4 today to create some vector leather! After we create our leather we will create this nice shining and sparkling metal lightning bolt on it. In this video tutorial we will learn about a bunch of Adobe Illustrator’s features including, Live Trace, Bridge, Masking, Magic Wand, The Flare Tool, and More! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http
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20 responses to “Metal Lightning Bolt & Vector Leather! Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. Laurent Cluet says:

    very good, thank you.

  2. MissGenk says:

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial! It took me a while but I made it! I feel happy!

  3. ziggy071621 says:

    way back when Tutvid had crappy video capture software.

  4. bigbianx says:

    What happens if you want the texture change into another colour?

  5. VEGETADTX says:

    Very nice tutorial! :)

  6. Timmytard190 says:

    how do i get rid of the black lines outlining all of my shapes?

  7. MD3Designs says:

    check my page out for upcoming tutorials & examples of my work! subcribe to me today 🙂

  8. IIFranksII says:

    such an annoying voice . . . but great vids . . . im learning and irritated at the same time 😀

  9. Fowtowsjop says:

    The link is a rick roll, LMFAO

  10. xNinjaKingx says:

    cant a do this in photoshop? cuz it seems like i can O_O

  11. Doodorz says:

    @timshapiro Get over it.

  12. EmoMFr says:

    where do i get the texture, the link is just a rick roll

  13. WaterWorksAquariums says:

    your vids are great

  14. olipa09 says:

    were do u download photoshop

  15. shoaibthebest1 says:

    great tutorial

  16. SystemError says:

    The cs5 is much faster

  17. kungfuhustlingninja says:

    isn’t that the point?

  18. SennseiQ says:

    Ok then go watch a tutorial with WMG music and no voice.

  19. phawzie says:

    Great TUTORIAL, but you talk a lot ya’ know….

  20. xJOHNATWARx says:

    great tutorial as always. thanks!

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