Simple Thumbnail Gallery Webpage: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Simple Thumbnail Gallery Webpage: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Here it is, finally creating a tutorial with a little foresight as far as using what we make here for many other tutorials. We will create a simple metal type panel with these six thumbnails sitting on it. Using CSS to style the panel and the thumbnails we are able to create a really nice clean effect as well as giving out thumbnails rollovers and all of this is done very easily and is also super easy to update! Check it out, follow along using the files at the site! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http Check this video out in Hi-Res here: Download the files for this video here:
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8 responses to “Simple Thumbnail Gallery Webpage: Dreamweaver Tutorial!”

  1. humuslokiy says:

    you are awesome~!!!

  2. Kankerzwijn says:

    framerate is fine here!

  3. imfreeareyou says:

    Wow this thumbnail gallery you make looks cool. I am about to make my own one too.

  4. jackytoe665 says:

    thanks, it really helped :D

  5. WickedCitizen says:

    Video lag FTL =/

  6. ric112 says:

    very useful, thanks

  7. mangoprojects says:

    Thanks for the time to put all the tutorials together. Thank you. – Behind VFX

  8. renderuthis says:

    snaketazzie ic correct , When I select the div tag. I get no rules apply. when I apply it first I cant see the div tag. I can’t get this correct.

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