Adobe After Effects Tutorial 1(Part 1)

Adobe After Effects Tutorial 1(Part 1)

I did this After Effects Tutorial for beginners. It teaches easy stuff like compostions, layers, tools, and even motion tracking. If you need any help with After Effects, Java, or guitar, just let me know, and I will be happy to help you out Watch at full screen resolution if you want to understand all my moves.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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13 responses to “Adobe After Effects Tutorial 1(Part 1)”

  1. MegaDarko96 says:

    what version is this? please answer!

  2. MegaDarko96 says:

    this is very interesting!! i will download it!! 😀

  3. rockparkoure says:

    ya whenever i do that i awys seem to get it thanks

  4. Bjorask says:

    Try it out, when you have played little around with it, it will be much easier 😉

  5. test1729 says:

    I don’t think he wanted to teach anything – the goal of this video is to say “you need to hire me because this is soooooo hard” – a waste of time

  6. Bsergei1975 says:

    the crapest tutorial you can imagine…

  7. LilDemon147 says:

    dude you talk in circles, i appreciate that you tried to make a tutorial but your not showing me anything by randomly clicking and changing targets and cutting off your own sentences

  8. Prti beegee says:

    how to add footage????i drag it and no changes wtf .. how too?

  9. rockparkoure says:

    im 12 years old is it hard to get used to this

  10. TheCondensedVersion says:

    Could not understand a dang thing.

  11. hypernova37 says:

    ok i still dont really understand what after effects is ummm so like yea thanks anyways

  12. David Harvey says:

    Thanks.. the adjustment layer tip works well.

  13. TheIceCreamMan44 says:

    It didn’t really help at all..

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