Adobe Lightroom Tutorial – Inside Look at the Dorothy and Toto Preset

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial - Inside Look at the Dorothy and Toto Preset

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21 responses to “Adobe Lightroom Tutorial – Inside Look at the Dorothy and Toto Preset”

  1. RustyNotesTV says:

    The link to the presets doesn’t work anymore

  2. LyleThompson1 says:

    I bought Adobe Lightroom3 and played around with it.I kinda thought I knew most of what it could do untell your video.It showed me two key things I didnt know it did!! I cant wait to see more tutorials from you Marika and keep up the great work!!

  3. SVR08 says:

    do you think you could do a tutorial on photoshops HDR Toning feature. i mean… i know how to mess with it to make a picture look nice but have no idea what “Gamma” really does and why does HDR flatten your document and merges all your layers when working in a project? pretty please???

  4. lifeartpixels says:

    @neumannfilms very nice!

  5. Neumannfilms says:

    It’s been hacked for a while. I don’t know anything about website so relying on other people to fix it is taking longer than I would like. It’s very close to being back up from what I know though.

  6. jeremiah69100 says:

    Ur website can’t open did you guys changed? i have been browsing abt a week to buy presets but can’t access your website what’s your website problem??

  7. kamatisism says:

    hi im JC how can i get free music backgrounds for my films? thankyou

  8. OctavioAdams says:

    Marika, your presets are the best, I am very happy with each one of them. –Perla Adams

  9. MrRefurbishedBrain says:

    not to be a ball buster, but it looks like the capture was recorded at a very low frame rate, or with one of those programs that captures only when you click somewhere, thus the difficult to follow mouse movement.
    Just a suggestion next time record at least at 10 frames per sec for a smoother video
    Again , thanks for the tutorial and in case you don’t give a flying thing , it’s ok…lol

  10. MacintoshEmpire says:

    Hey! First Of all I love your videos and films! You showed me that you can still produce good content with out having the most expensive equipment! I have a quick question…. Im looking to purchase my 2nd DSLR and was wondering if I should get a T2I-T3I-60D ? My first SLR was a nikon D3000 but I have used a T2I and loved it,


  11. Neumannfilms says:

    Most of it. Not all of it though.

  12. pgice says:

    cool but you can do all of that in camera raw

  13. Neumannfilms says:

    Or you could be faster?

  14. ssavoy23 says:

    Next video, please take your time. It seems like your in a rush and you can’t do that during a tutorial.

  15. shadow100101 says:

    Thanks Marika for you tut, thanks neumannfilms cant wait to recieve my cinematic presets bundle!

  16. DonniexMusik says:

    Great tutorial! Would be nice to log in to YouTube to an in depth sony vegas workflow tutorial from u guys 😉

    Keep making vids.. ur inspiration!

  17. Th3G3m1n1m4n says:

    Great video Marika … very well presented … love what you guys do also … 😉 …

  18. SVR08 says:

    Nice. Is this te first tutorial she does? I been following you guids since feb. When igot my t2I. I still suck. But when I use the tips I remember from your vids… everything comes out better. Oh and with all due respect. Your wife does have a real relaxing voice. Please keep doing what you do guys. You guys are my inspiration

  19. djcrote76 says:

    Your preset looks great. I hope to see another tutorial soon. Maybe about the use of layer masks in photoshop. I’m having trooble with it 😉
    p.s. I watched every video on this channel and your advanced tutorials are the best!

  20. awss89 says:

    your voice is amazing 🙂

  21. Neumannfilms says:

    Actually it is a video, not a screen capture picture. If you watch again you will see that she is performing each step as she explains it.

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