3ds Max Tutorial | Low Poly Building for Complex Scenes + Building Texture

3ds Max Tutorial | Low Poly Building for Complex Scenes + Building Texture

Hey YouTube! In this video, I show you how to model a low poly building in 3ds Max. They can be very useful in complex scenes! Hope you like it! If you do, b…
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23 responses to “3ds Max Tutorial | Low Poly Building for Complex Scenes + Building Texture”

  1. Hakob Hakobyan says:

    Hey buddy 🙂 Thanks a lot for your efforts. I’m a beginner in 3D Max. Just
    finished your tutorial with cloth falling. I’ll make sure to watch all of
    the tutorials you did. 

  2. FaceTheVenom says:

    No, shrinking won’t do any harm, it was enlarging that I was talking about!

  3. Jake Roose says:

    Thanks 😀

  4. FaceTheVenom says:

    Yes, yes we do have that. Actually now that I look back, I have no idea why
    I did it the way I did 😀

  5. Ali Osman says:

    thanks very much. if i were u, i use right click then select scale, not use
    calc. 🙂

  6. FaceTheVenom says:

    You can do it by using boxes as walls, but this is a low poly building for
    far away shots 🙂 There’s a video by bunnyboxx that shows you how to model
    an apartment. It shows up in my Suggested videos 😛

  7. sharinganmor92 says:

    you shoul have used swift loop instead its way faster

  8. FaceTheVenom says:

    I doubt it, if you can get a texture that fit perfectly, you’re lucky,
    otherwise you’ll have to create one yourself!

  9. FaceTheVenom says:

    Hmm. I didn’t know that. Does it create a material with bitmap diffuse etc.
    automatically then? 🙂

  10. BerlinRichStreets says:

    Very good tutorial! Thanks a lot!

  11. Andy Benson says:

    btw before converting to editable poly, you should change width and length
    segs to 1 (in the modify tab) to remove any unwanted edges. great tutorial
    – thank you 🙂

  12. Ray O Brien says:

    good tut ….. swift loop is the way to go and when you set out your plane
    make sure it’s length and width Segs are set to 1 that’s why you had extra

  13. Natasha Allwright says:

    one comment how did you get rid of the extra quickslice lines, I didnt
    quiet catch that

  14. FaceTheVenom says:

    Well, if you made all the connecting edges, then you should be able to
    select it.. Try restarting max..?

  15. Brad Haircut says:

    There are so many ways to do stuff in max. takes time to figure out what
    suits you best. Also try the symetry modifier and rotating the symetry
    gizmo around to add in the other walls. Much handier than the arrays imho 🙂

  16. FaceTheVenom says:

    That you can do by clicking one of the segments of that extra line, holding
    down SHIFT and selecting an adjacent segment. That should select the entire
    edge. Then hit Backspace. Be sure to go to Vertex mode and remove those
    additional vertices as well!

  17. 6ami says:


  18. FaceTheVenom says:

    Or Ctrl + Backspace does the same 😉

  19. Daphoeno says:

    thank you so much!

  20. FaceTheVenom says:

    I given that up, use Swift Loop, much easier to use 🙂

  21. IMODDutchy says:

    I got a fan when I input into the array :/

  22. TheCowShooter says:

    i am not able to select the windows as you do on 6:12, do you know why?

  23. DIEGO ZAPATA says:

    thanks for the video!!!

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